TWSP/UFAA Morning Briefing for Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Benvenuto Santità!


This week brings us the momentous visit of Pope Francis I Bergoglio to the United States. It marks the first papal visit since Benedict XVI in 2008 and only the fourth in the nation’s history [1].

Paul VI Montini Tried to Save Us from Vietnam Escalation

Pope Paul VI Montini, first Pope to visit the United States in 1965 when he came he came on a pilgrimage of peace and tried to stop the Vietnam War.

The first Papal visit was the peace pilgrimage of Paul VI Montini to New York City in October 1965, a valiant but unsuccessful attempt by the greatest twentieth-century pontiff to prevent the escalation of the Vietnam War, a message Montini brought to Lyndon B. Johnson personally. This visit included an outdoor Mass at Yankee Stadium. This was a prophetic gesture in the great tradition which Francis follows.

Republican Party in a State of Mortal Sin

Francis arrives on Tuesday, September 22 in Washington D.C. on the heels of a successful trip to Cuba. Even before his arrival, the usual gallery of reactionary Cuban gusanos y parasitos have started spewing venom about the pope’s meetings with the Castro brothers and especially about his private audience with Fidel Castro to exchange gifts [2]. Prior to the visit, crypto-Mormon and presidential candidate Marco Rubio opined that His Holiness will “find a regime that oppresses people and hinders progress, both socially and politically” [3]. With all the recent US scandals surrounding vote fraud, restriction of the franchise, and brutal austerity, this sounds like the program for the permanent austerity dictatorship which is the promise of Republican rule in the United States. Persons of good will, however, recognize that the opening of Cuba and the bolstering of its ancestral faith can only mean good things for that nation. Francis had been part of the diplomatic preparations that made this rapprochement possible. Blessed are the peacemakers – and damn few Republicans will get to heaven that way.

St. Junìpero Serra of San Juan Capistrano

Francis will begin his Apostolic Journey through the Washington-New York corridor on the 23nd with a parade on the National Mall and mass at the National Cathedral. He will also canonize the Spanish Franciscan Junípero Serra, a pioneering Franciscan priest and promoter of education who founded missions in Southern California. Serra was one of the creators of the San Juan Capistrano mission, which was organized as a school to teach local populations farming, metalworking, textiles, and other vital skills. Since Serra is being heavily slandered by multiculturalist ideologues, this is a courageous and timely gesture.


On September 24, Francis will deliver his much-anticipated address to a joint session of the U.S. Congress. Almost anything he says will tend to offend the Republican majority, and especially the crazed Freedom Caucus or Tea Party faction. Francis supports and helped to mediate the Iran nuclear accord, which is anathema to the GOP. The GOP is xenophobic; Francis welcomes the wretched of the earth. Francis fights for economic justice; the GOP thinks that it is communism. Nor will the Democratic humanitarian bombers and enablers of Wall Street looting and immiseration leave the room without trembling.

The Pope will also visit the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., before jetting off to New York for an evening vespers service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue. The following day, Francis will address the United Nations General Assembly, hold a vigil at the 9/11 Memorial, and host mass at Madison Square Garden. Finally, Francis leaves for Philadelphia where he will appear at the World Meeting of Families and host mass before departing for Rome on September 27.


The Pope’s high-profile trip will unfold amidst a precarious political context here in the United States. First and foremost is the refugee crisis, which has fast developed into an intolerable situation for Europe as a result of the US phony war on ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Pope Francis has gotten out in front on this issue by advising every Catholic parish in Europe to care for at least one family fleeing the Middle East, far exceeding Obama and Kerry with their meager quota of 70,000 refugees total in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Martin O’Malley has suggested a much better target of 65,000 for 2015 alone. Mitzi Schroeder, the Director for Policy for the Jesuit Refugee Service/USA, believes that much more can be done:

“The United States could take considerably more refugees for resettlement if it had the political will to do so,” ...She explained that domestic capacity to resettle people once approved is not an obstacle in the United States. In the past, in fact, much higher numbers of refugees have been absorbed. After the chaotic end of the Vietnam War, the United States resettled 10,000 refugees a month from Vietnam alone.” [4]

However, in the burgeoning climate of xenophobia, hatemongering, and austerity being fostered by the rhetoric of the barbaric GOP and its presidential hopefuls, such plans will face heavy resistance. 

So the content of the pope’s speeches, be it climate change, financial speculation, immigration, or the Iran nuclear deal, is likely to incite much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Republican side. If the pope indeed gets tough on any of these issues, ostensibly Catholic presidential candidates, including demagogues Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, franquista Rick Santorum, hypocrite Ted Cruz, and nominally Protestant but actually fascist-pagan frontrunner Donald Trump, will be forced to respond. These GOP figures, in reality, worship the arch-heathen Mammon, god of riches. This could have an immense influence in the primary battleground of Iowa, which is stocked with faithful Christian voters and large numbers of Catholics [5]. This may also prove to be the final nail in Speaker John Boehner’s coffin, since his House leadership, as we have covered here, is facing a rebellion. It was the former altar boy turned bartender himself who extended the invitation to the pope to visit Capitol Hill. In the words of one observer, “Boehner must have been crazy to invite him.” [6]


Opposition to Francis is not limited to the political field. Over the last 18 months, a growing contingent of right-wing leaders in the global Catholic Church, among them bishops and cardinals, have attacked Francis, mostly over social issues such as divorce, climate change, and same-sex marriage. [7] These scurrilous reactionary polemics have convinced many American Catholics that Pope Francis is not sufficiently in touch with what they imagine to be the traditional doctrine of the Church in these matters. Polls have indicated a significant drop in his approval ratings from 76% to 59%. [8] In reality, Francis is a fine exponent of the social doctrine of the Church, and belongs in the same big leagues with powerful figures like Leo XIII Pecci and Pius XI Ratti.

Pius XI, who defended Catholic social doctrine against the reparations system of the Treaty of Versailles

The American Catholic bishops are one of the more negative factions in the universal Church, inferior from a theological and doctrinal point of view as well as from an ecclesiastical and pastoral point of view of view. Many have reduced to Christian faith to little more than a ban on abortion. Catholic universities have freely invited genocidalists from the Bush administration, but have balked if the speaker had doubts about a pro-life policy imposed by police state measures. Their trick is the one used by the clerical allies of Franco, Petain, Monsignor Seipel of Austria, Father Tiso of Slovakia, and others. The trick is to keep a subject population guilt ridden and on the defensive by confronting them with their divorce, abortion, adultery, and other private sins, beating them down so they will not rise in rebellion against their rich, powerful, and evil oppressors.  But what about the public sins of genocide, war, depression, and economic exploitation? Pope Francis is at his best when he challenges the exclusive concern of the US bishops with the private sins, and focuses on the public sins, which are the sins of mass murder. There is just no comparison.

Under Benedict, many American priests in Rome hardly bothered to hide the fact that they not serving the Holy Spirit, but rather the US intelligence community. As Dante knew, western civilization especially works only when the papacy can be independent of the empire, and works best when the empire and the pope are fighting. The US bishops are all too happy to render unto Caesar for a price, but God gets shortchanged in the process.

The Roman curia always tends to reflect and include all the sin that exists in the world. Dante Alighieri and Petrarch pointed out seven centuries ago that the College of Cardinals and the Roman curia are often places where Christ’s grace is “bought and sold” every day. Modern Vaticanology includes the “crows” (corvi) who filch documents to use them later for Watergating or blackmailing purposes. The crows ruled the roost under the infamous Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State (or head of government) who ran the show day to day while Benedict XVI Ratzinger spun his obscure webs of theology, surrounded by American priests.

As with any other issue, we cannot place the blame for every bureaucratic deficiency at the feet of Pope Francis. In fact, it is the lopsided devotion to cultural wedge issues like abortion by self-styled Catholic politicians that has obscured Francis’ teaching about more pressing issues of war and peace, as well as those of economic development.

Francis is unfortunately also likely to address the climate change issue during his appearances, seeing as how his recent encyclical focused on this controversy. The Tax Wall Street Party does not agree with the analysis contained in Francis’ recent encyclical letter. We deplore the subversive influence of one Hans Schellnhuber, the apparent boss of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and an advisor to Francis. The pseudo-scientist Schellnhuber, a German national, is somewhere between an atheist and a pantheist who has no business being a member of a Vatican Academy. Some observers have noted that the so-called German “church tax” remains today a significant contributor to the Vatican purse. Meanwhile, Germany under the inept Angela Merkel, faces the highest energy prices in Europe. Germany is in this predicament because voices of historical and cultural pessimism have prevailed in forcing that country to abandon the technologies of modern energy production-- Specifically, the fourth-generation, pebble bed, high temperature nuclear reactor pioneered at Germany’s own Juelich research facility.

Merkel’s Vatican intrigue may be based on the principle that misery loves company. If she cannot get German energy costs down, maybe she can increase the energy costs of the competition by spreading Malthusian anti-science irrationalism and convincing commercial rivals to imitate the German choices of anti-economical windmills and solar cells. Especially since the loss of the German church tax to the next round of austerity cuts would throw the Vatican into chaos, as Merkel may have helpfully pointed out. We can speculate that Schellnhuber may be a strategic operative deployed by the German ruling class to help afflict the rest of the world with the same Malthusian-irrational zero growth energy policies which prevail in Germany, now ostensibly supported by the imprimatur of Papal authority. However, because Francis’ encyclical does not directly deal with Church theology, and is not propounded as a formal proposition to be approved by an assembly of prelates, it thankfully does not fall under the category of papal infallibility and is not binding.


Encyclicals are not doctrine, so they can be reversed and have been reversed. In 1864, Pope Pius IX Mastai-Ferretti condemned modernism, democracy, socialism, liberalism, rationalism, and most of the modern world in his Syllabus of Errors. Pius IX had gone off the deep end after the assassination of his civilian prime minister Pellegrino Rossi by the assassin Ciceruacchio of Trastevere, an agent of the British Lord Minto. Pius IX had also seen Giuseppe Mazzini take over the Vatican and turn it into a pagan theme park. The Syllabus of Errors soon became an impediment to any kind of realistic Vatican policy. But then the clever and flexible Leo XIII, in his own encyclical Libertas (1888), emphasized that the Roman Church was not dogmatically opposed to everything in the modern world. This was the silent, de facto, abrogation of the Syllabus, which was soon gathering dust. So, in those days, it took 24 years to repeal an encyclical. In today’s world, such things can be done much more quickly. This may be the fate of the radical environmentalism of Laudato Si’. But the pontificate of Francis can still be a great success despite this mistake, especially since it was quite possibly made under duress.

Pope Leo XIII, who showed how obsolete encyclicals can be repealed

We also been informed that the despicable Aramark Corp. — the purveyor of subhuman food products in the Michigan correctional system which is currently housing political prisoner Rev. Edward Pinkney -- will be supplying vendor services for the World Meeting of Families Conference. The Tax Wall Street Party is attempting to bring to the attention of the Vatican that Aramark should be removed from consideration to provide any future services to the Roman Catholic Church in the United States or beyond.

The Tax Wall Party deplores and condemns the efforts of ignorant and superstitious libertarian and fear-porn broadcasters to brand the Roman Pontiff as Satan, the Antichrist, and the like. These broadcasters are attempting to distract attention from their own political, cultural, and moral failures, since it is THEY who have for many years acted as Pied Pipers for the rapacious and corrupt Ron Paul-Rand Paul family faction, some of whom are now under indictment. This faction is politically decrepit and with a little luck may soon collapse.

Some of these twisted libertarians are alleging that the Jesuit Order, to which Francis belonged, actually rules the world. This charge is absurd. The Jesuits were of course founded in 1540 in Rome through the decisive intervention of the Venetian intelligence chief and Cardinal Gasparo Contarini. The Spanish Empire once did rule most of the world, but it relied on Franciscans more than Jesuits. And the Spanish Empire was supplanted by the French Empire, and then by the British Empire. The British one lasted the longest, and it had its own religious apparatus, not based on Jesuits.

So little did the Jesuits control the world that by 1767 they had been banned from the Portuguese Empire, France, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (Naples and Sicily), Malta, Parma and the Spanish Empire. This was half the world at that time. How can they rule the world today when they were practically wiped out 250 years ago.

The Jesuits got their revenge on the reforming Spanish monarchy by joining the British-sponsored independence movements of Bolivar, San Martin, and the rest in the first half of the nineteenth century. Today the Jesuit Order has just as many factions as the world around it.

Francis would be well advised to ignore the Planned Parenthood controversy, echoing our sentiment that situational morality cannot be allowed to trump universal morality; put differently, the scabrous claims of some agent-provocateurs with hidden cameras cannot be allowed to obstruct the medical care of the most destitute American women. Planned Parenthood is often the only relatively safe haven for terrified and impoverished young women seeking decent medical care.

Still less can Pope Francis allow himself to be used as a Republican pawn in the struggle of the GOP desperados to bring about a government shutdown on October 1, followed by a US default on the public debt in November-- which is where the Republican Freedom Caucus is heading with their hysterical campaign against Planned Parenthood.   

As for the global warming encyclical, we register our scientific disagreement. The Holy Roman Church is old enough to have lived through the Medieval Warm Period (c. 950 to 1250 AD) when things were hotter than they are today, and knows very well that that warming was caused by increased solar activity, not by carbon emissions. Send the charlatan Schnellnhuber to a Trappist monastery where he can keep his idle chatter to a minimum and hopefully learn something about farming – laborare est orare.

The Tax Wall Street Party urges all persons of good will to support Pope Francis and his core message of peace and economic development during this most crucial time for the United States and the world. “Development is the new name for peace,” as Paul VI taught in his landmark encyclical Populorum Progressio (1967).