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LEGO Drum Machine

Brick Technology answers the question “Can LEGO play the drums?” with a resounding “Yes.” He built this LEGO Technic machine using a series of levers that tap switches, triggering a digital drum machine. Like a music box or player piano, it uses a series of bumps on a rolling track to tell it which buttons […]

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An Avalanche of Soda Cans

Aluminum is one of the most readily recyclable materials used in consumer goods. In this brief video from recycling crusader Soda Can Steve, he shows what it looks like when a truck dumps 400,000 aluminum cans at the recycling center. Steve’s TikTok channel is filled with satisfying videos of the recycling process.

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Griply Desktop Whiteboard

This convenient desktop organizer combines a mini whiteboard and an 18″ x 7.75″ storage tray for pens, pencils, rulers, and more. Its whiteboard has a scratch-resistant glass surface for long life and stain resistance, and it has a built-in slot for a tablet or smartphone and a pen holder

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Ti-Tape Titanium Pocket Tape Measure

This 3-foot-long pocket tape measure from TEC Accessories might not be helpful for diagramming an entire room, but it’s a handsome accessory for your keychain or coin pocket. Measuring just 1.24″ across, each is made from real titanium and comes in eye-catching finishes, including stonewashed, rainbow, and moire.

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Enys Men (Trailer)

Writer/director Mark Jenkin’s gritty horror has the looks of a grainy old grindhouse film. It follows the tale of a wildlife volunteer working on a supposedly uninhabited island who descends into madness as reality and nightmares become one.

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You Lying Sack

The makers of Exploding Kittens teamed up with magician Penn Jillette to create this party game that’s all about lying. Players reach into the sack to secretly pick bad things or a good thing, then try to outsmart opponents by convincing them to take the bad things in your hand and not to take the […]

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Stayin’ Alive on Pipe Organ

If there’s one genre of music we never thought we’d hear on a pipe organ, it’s disco. But it’s the internet, and here we are. So put on your boogie shoes, click play, and listen as organist Vincent Thévenaz plays the 1977 Bee Gees hit Stayin’ Alive on the Great Organ at Geneva, Switzerland’s Cathédrale […]

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Genesis X Convertible Concept

Luxury automaker Genesis is showing off this gorgeous electric convertible concept. Its sleek, long wheelbase design combines classic roadster forms with modern styling. Its folding hardtop roof has an integrated moonroof to give the cabin an open feel even with the top up. Fingers crossed they put it into production.

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The History of Classic Tongue-Twisters

Growing up, the tongue-twister that always got us was “The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick.” Erin McCarthy from Mental Floss explains the origins of this classic and seven other tricky sentences created by cunning linguists to trip up our tongues. We’re wondering how many takes it took for Erin to get through all of […]

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True Plasma Lighter XR

This unique lighter features an extendible gooseneck that puts more distance between your hand and the fires it starts. It uses a high-voltage plasma spark to light fires and works in winds up to 80 mph. When closed, its rubberized ABS body provides IPX6-rated water resistance and can float on water if you drop it.

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The Illustrated Al

Z2 Comics offers a visual retelling of some of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s greatest hits. The book features 20+ songs, each interpreted by a famous cartoonist. An oversized Deluxe Edition includes art prints, a vinyl slipmat, and collectors cards, while the Super Deluxe Edition is signed by Weird Al and packs more bonuses.

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Treblab Z2 Wireless Headphones

Treblab’s over-ear wireless headphones are great for blocking out background noise. They pack high-performance 40mm neodymium drivers, Bluetooth 5.0 with AptX, and active noise-canceling tech. Plus, they can run for up to 35 hours on a charge.

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Odd Sox x Kellogg’s Gift Box

Novelty sock maker Odd Sox teamed up with Kellogg’s to create a series of comfy crew socks inspired by breakfast cereals. This boxed set includes five colorful designs based on Frosted Flakes’ Tony the Tiger, Froot Loops’ Toucan Sam, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, and Snap!, Crackle!, and Pop! from Rice Krispies.

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