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It's a great time for WordPress agencies and product companies of any size. Consolidation through mergers and acquisitions isn't the only big business story in WordPress. Partnerships are increasing too. Founders investing in founders. Product companies and agencies expanding their own ecosystems. Informal partnerships to protect common interests.

There are a lot of ways to grow on your own terms in WordPress as I talked about in my First of the Independents post here. That's the thread thorugh this newsletter, which is a lot so read the full issue here.

– Dan Knauss

WP Weather Report Updates Are Live

Every week, Ellipsis' Weather Report shares how much WordPress and WooCommerce search and advertiser activity has increased or dropped relative to the previous week. By watching these two trendlines, you can gauge whether your own search and sales trends are performing in line with the industry at large. READ →

CM: This report is just one indicator, but it's an essential one and I'm thankful for their work. And the data is only going to get better over time as they will eventually be able to track historical and seasonal trends. We're working with Alex and his team to give you the highlights here more regularly. 

The Atarim + Partnership

Vito PelegAtarim's cofounder and CEO, explains how he “cracked” the partnership problem to find alignment with other companies that can help them all accelerate their growth. "Sometimes they (partnership conversions) feel a bit sleazy and sales-driven. Which no one likes. Instead, I'm trying to think of potential opportunities that can enhance our and the partner's product as well as accelerate our roadmap or expand to features that we don't want to focus on yet others are already offering.” READ →

Acquisitions Show Steady Increase Over Time
In the Ellipsis newsletter, Alex also reviewed the Post Status Acquisitions Tracker to generate an acquisitions trendline. Alex said he was “asked a couple of times at WCUS if acquisitions had slowed down. The answer is: yes, but we're still seeing a lot of momentum and activity.”  

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CURATED BY DAN KNAUSS. Have business news to share? Get in touch.

Better Theme and Block Testing

The Abstract Agency has clarified Theme Unit and Block Unit testing in WordPress with WP Tests. They’re enhancing and building on the WordPress Core’s Theme Unit Test and Rich Tabor’s Block Unit Test. The new tools they’ve created focus specifically on the block-based editor and all the possible configurations without building them all. On their blog, Post Status member Victor Ramirez succinctly describes the frustration many of us face: “The blessing and the curse of the block-based editor is the near limitless layouts, patterns, & blocks. We realized it was near impossible to track all the possible configurations the client could create.” Indeed! WP Tests is a great new tool to add to your theme and block development process.

Advanced Custom Fields Debuts Major Release

This is the first major release for ACF since it changed hands from Delicious Brains to WPEngine. I might even say it's the first major one since Elliot Condon sold ACF to Delicious Brains. Regardless, this is a huge update with a fresh new user interface, a switch to make ACF Blocks closer to the native block experience, better accessibility, improved saving features like being able to toggle to “show in rest API,” and several other golden nuggets. This update is also “designed to be fully compatible with ACF 5.x and the vast majority of users will be able to upgrade without changing any code.” I'm looking forward to playing with all these improvements in the weeks to come!

Automate Your Sites with Better Social Sharing Images

Getting good social sharing previews to work can be a hassle, that’s why Mark Wilkinson and team have created Simple Social Images for WordPress. This plugin automates the creation of branded images for social media. So instead of a normal featured image or the first photo on the page, it can have a logo or text right on the image. The current version costs $49 but they’ve also submitted a free version to the repository and are awaiting approval.

Cool Tool

Each week we feature one cool tool that can help make your life easier as a WordPress builder:

You Deserve A Terminal That Goes At Warp Speed

This week I stumbled onto Warp, a new terminal for Mac, Windows, and Linux that uses “GPT-3 powered AI search will convert natural language into executable shell commands.” They had me at AI! They tout that “It’s like Github Copilot but for the terminal.” If that isn’t enough, Warp also takes a different approach to the command line user experience by making it act more like a text editor than your traditional terminal application. It has a nicer visual history with commands separated into “blocks” of content for easier viewing, and there's some more advanced theming than iTerm or Hyper have. They also have an upcoming feature to share a permalink of your session with your team. That’s gonna be so awesome it’s sure to go plaid!


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CURATED BY DANIEL SCHUTZSMITH. Have tech news to share? Get in touch.


Top-Tier Managed WordPress hosting solutions for Enterprise, the Public Sector, and Media companies. We invented Managed WordPress and we never stopped raising the bar. Expect Extraordinary!

Check them out →

Why Do Designers Quit?

Matej Latin did a survey of designers who quit their jobs and discovered:

  • No career progression opportunities and unhappiness with the work they do were about equal, at about 20% each.
  • Problems with company culture came next.
  • A lack of UX maturity was third followed by salary, poor relationships with management, and misalignment with company values.

Matej was surprised by two other findings: “designers don’t have problems with a lack of speed anymore, and they want the possibility to work remotely.” Also, “Design generalists are happier with the work they do.” READ →

Quick Links

  • If interviews cause your palms to get sweaty, learn how to put yourself at ease from Mervin Hernandez ithis video from WP Career Summit.
  • Josepha Haden Chomphosy talks with Hauwa Abashiya about the WordPress Training Team and LearnWP on the latest WordPress Briefing. If you’re interested in joining the training team, it’s OK if you’re not a trainer. You can help take notes, edit, and review. If you are a subject matter expert, take a look at the faculty program. Drop in for one of the Training Team meetings on Tuesdays at 7 AM UTC and 4 PM UTC
CURATED BY DAN KNAUSS. Have career news to share? Get in touch.

Update on Accessibility at WordCamps

Well, it seems my post about accessibility at WCUS has got some things moving! As a result, it’s been a topic of podcasts — WP BuildsPost Status Excerpt, and Post Status Draft — and it's come up in several Twitter conversations. As a result, WordCamp leaders have reached out to me to say they’re taking it seriously. Many people have DM’d me about how to do better. And Michele Butcher-Jones is starting a website to provide resources for WordPress Accessibility for All. (To be launched this fall.) It turns out that advocating for yourself and others is always a good thing.

PS Excerpt No. 69: WCUS Afterthoughts, Accessibility, and Pay Transparency

Dan Knauss and Nyasha Green talk about their WordCamp US experiences both good and bad. Their conversation focuses on accessibility and disability too. They both reflect on the accessibility challenges and failures Michelle Frechette shared in Five Days Without a Shower before turning to an important article by Piccia Neri that was published at Post Status last week. LISTEN →

WP Core Updates: WordPress 6.1. Beta 1
The 6.1 Beta 1 release was briefly delayed a day but is now available. You can get familiar with what's coming in 6.1 with the release by helping test the new features. Please give some consideration to Hugh Lashbrooke's proposal for faster course development on the Training Team with video-based courses. READ →

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CURATED BY MICHELLE FRECHETTE. Have community news to share? Get in touch.
  PMC needs a Principal Software Engineer, Front End. More →  

A special Senior WordPress Developer has a great future at Kalamuna. More→

rtCamp is looking for a Senior WordPress Engineer and a Front End WordPress Engineer. More→ 

A WordPress Developer is needed over at Stellar WP. (iThemes) More→  

GiveWP (Stellar WP)needs a WordPress Product Developer. More→ 

A WordPress Developer is needed over at Stellar WP. (iThemes) More→  

Pressable has a role for a Senior Digital Marketing Manager. More→  

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