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Since the beginning of Post Status, the Business of WordPress community, two sponsors have been unwavering in support of you — Pagely and Gravity Forms. And I'm excited/grateful to share they are returning for yet another year. 

It’s companies and more so leaders like them that show their support for the business ecosystem of WP by continuing to keep this platform of connection and conversation going here.

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WP Could Help Champion The Fediverse 

As Twitter has been a huge topic of conversation, and mentions of Mastodon in my world have risen sharply, someone mentioned I needed to talk with Matthias Pfefferle about the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress and the Fediverse. (Full interview for Draft podcast soon.)

"With ActivityPub your blog becomes part of a federated social network. This means you can share and talk to everyone using the ActivityPub protocol, including users of Friendica, Pleroma and Mastodon."

The Fediverse and ActivityPub for WP excite me because they highlight key values that resonate with all of us in WP: decentralization, open source and growth of the Open Web.

And I think it's an excellent opportunity for WP to contribute and even lead. 

Chris Wiegman shared his thoughts on Why WP Should Embrace The Fediverse. And David Bisset talked of compiling a list of Post Status members on Mastodon. 
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Agency Journey with Krissie VandeNoord

Krissie VandeNoord, founder of North UX, talks with Cory Miller about their work in creating people-first solutions for the nuanced needs of ecommerce and membership site owners. Krissie shares her story from her early days as a designer and blogger to launching her own agency. Her work and energy will encourage you to think beyond what is to build the possibilities that make things work better. Listen →
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Product People Interview with Jess Frick of Pressable

Jessica Frick is a huge WordPress advocate and has been a contributing community member since 2008. She is the Director of Operations at Pressable, a Post Status supporter. Jess joins Cory Miller to share about the amazing WordPress hosting experience Pressable offers, in addition to her own experience and expertise as a long-time member of the WordPress community. Listen →

CURATED BY CORY MILLER & TEAM. Have business news to share? Get in touch.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is the most trusted tool for creating advanced forms on your WordPress-powered website. Our mission is to create a platform that leverages the power of our form building tools and the surrounding ecosystem, so that web professionals can build custom solutions for collecting, managing, and sharing business data. Check them out →
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The WP Community Collective

The WP Community Collective aims to address some of these ongoing challenges by creating community-funded Fellowships to financially support individual contributions to the WordPress project and community.

“We hope that the WP Community Collective can help bridge the gap between the passion people feel for WordPress, and the very real and practical limits of volunteer contribution,” said founding co-director Sé Reed.  

The WPCC’s first initiative is the WPCC Accessibility Fellowship. They are currently in discussion with an existing unsponsored core contributor to hold the inaugural role of Accessibility Fellow, and have launched the fundraising efforts to fund this Fellowship.

Start The New Year As a Post Status Member Deal

In the spirit of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Post Status is offering $100 off any annual membership through December 31. Why? Because we love you! Membership gets you into our Slack community, too!

Use discount code BFCM when you join Pro+, Agency Owner, Product Founder memberships. 

Member Spotlight

Post Status professional member, Mark-Andrew Nordstrom. Mark-Andrew is skateboarding across the world and through life, building WordPress websites at no charge, believing in open source everything. And that life should not be transactional.


Weekly Member Huddles

No huddle for the week of December 25. We’ll be back in 2023 and switching up times/days so more members can join in. Be sure to join the #member-huddles channel for updates. 

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