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“Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear.”

—Albert Camus

Hello <<First Name>>—

It’s with pleasure we welcome Daniel Schutzsmith and Nyasha Green to the Post Status contributor team this week. Daniel is taking point on curating our weekly Dev/Tech news and “cool tool” roundup. Nyasha and I are rebooting The Excerpt as a weekly podcast focusing on one or two key topics, from employment to business and WordPress development.

Previously David Bissett covered these areas for as a prolific podcaster and superhuman news aggegrator. We still have Olivia Bisset as our intern and post-production audio engineer, and she is terrific too!

Respect, cooperation, and appreciation for each others’ roles even across differences and real disagreements — is it possible? A baseline of trust and tolerance is indispensible to any community or relationship if it’s to last. Our aim is to live by these values in the WordPress community. I hope you can help us create the spaces and have the conversations necessary for trust to develop and disagreements to be as productive as possible.

Have a good weekend—


Post Status Notes

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Post Status Tech Contributor Daniel Schutzsmith shares the latest WordPress design and development news, tools, and techniques along with one special pick — this week's shiny, new, and coolest tool.

# Convert Classic Posts to Gutenberg

Migrating or redesigning WordPress sites is never easy, especially when you need to go from classic themes with the traditional classic editor over to themes using the block editor. The biggest hassle is having to edit each post and click on “Convert To Blocks” over and over again. This little experimental plugin from Marie Comet takes care of that!

# WordPress Block Markup

Carolina Nymark has updated her terrific extension to make coding full site editing themes in VS Code so much easier. The WordPress block markup extension includes autocomplete snippets that help you add blocks to your templates faster by typing the name of the block. Hadn’t seen this before and it’s a must-have!

# Layouts and Wide Alignments in WordPress: Then, Now, and Upcoming Changes

If you have a Classic Theme and added a theme.json file to it, you may have noticed some wonkiness in the wide alignments on blocks. Here’s some insight in the Gutenberg Times from Justin Tadlock on why that is happening. Also a suggestion that you might want to hold off on using theme.json with Classic themes for a little while!

# Moving Core Block Styling to JSON

Wouldn’t it be nice to override all of the stylings for core blocks in the same place that we’ll now be using in FSE for the rest of the theme‽ If you agree, then please head on over and comment at Make WordPress Core. This looks like a terrific shift to continue making it easier for developers and designers to ensure their stylistic vision can be followed in custom themes. Now if someone would make Figma build a theme.json file that would be swell as well!

# One Cool Tool

Each week we feature one cool tool that can help make your life easier as a WordPress builder. This week it's …

Reasonable Colors Do you have trouble working with accessibility contrast and finding color combinations that still look good on your websites? Look no further! Reasonable Colors is an open-source color system for building accessible, nice-looking color palettes that meet WCAG 2 color contrast requirements. Comes with SCSS support as well!

Business ›

By Cory Miller

# Rethinking WordPress Products Pricing Model

Jon Christopher wrote about how he’s rethinking the pricing model for his OrganizeWP product and got some good conversation going in Slack. I know first-hand the uphill battle it seemed building a healthy revenue model as a WP product company. For the first 7-8 years we didn’t have automatic subscriptions and then after we did it felt much more sustainable.

He mentions “subscription fatigue” which is a growing issue I’m sensing as a customer now. It goes against the grain of the overall WP product space for sure, but we’re eager to see how the experiment goes.

# On The Web Publishing Tool Race

Our job at Post Status is to help our members think ahead, get ahead, stay ahead. Thus, I’ve been eager to write more about the Web Publishing Tool Race as it’s one of the keys I see to ensuring a healthy economy for WordPress.

So I keep asking myself: How are we doing in relation to other tools like WordPress?

This week John O’Nolan tweeted that Ghost is now at $5M ARR, and it took them 5 years to get to $1M ARR. That spurred me to make a quick look at Ghost again and reflect more deeply on this question. How is WordPress doing by comparison?

Ghost caught my attention in relation to two areas I’m watching closely: (1) the growth of the “Creator Economy, which Ghost seems to cater directly to, and (2) keeping up with innovations in other web publishing tools.

First, WordPress is the veteran of what is now called the “Creator Economy.” But Ghost’s Twitter byline says, “turn your audience into a business.” It’s looking to be a one-stop shop for “publishing, newsletters, memberships and subscriptions — all in one place.”

Those are all things where historically WordPress has been dominant, but the “all in one place” speaks to a growing challenge for WP in our “assemble all the pieces” model. It points toward to customer friction and frustration as more and more individual creators try to find easy ways to monetize and build their businesses.

Second, I want to know how we’re keeping up as a vital web workflow tool so I keep my eye on other publishing platforms like Webflow. I also constantly experiment with tools/features comparable to Gutenberg. (This week it was ConvertKit’s landing page mini-builder.)

Two themes seem to be standing out for me in my rough anecdotal review: Great modern design “headstarts” and uber-simplicity in creating and publishing content.

Our focus, I believe, as a web publishing workflow tool (and ecosystem) should be our answers/solutions to this question:

How easy are we making it to help our users get to the results they want?

Career ›

By Cory Miller

# The Importance of Space

Michelle Frechette is on a much deserved vacation this week, but before she left she wrote this great reflection on the various aspects of getting appropriate space for yourself:

“It's altogether easy to understand, and an enigma in so many ways.

In order to be productive, happy, and healthy, we often define our lives in terms of space: physical space, emotional space, and time.”

# On Assertiveness

Assertiveness is something I struggle with and have been slowly working on. It doesn’t come easy to me. I’m a huge fan of psychologist and prolific writer Nick Wignall. We’ve had him on Draft at Post Status before, but this post on assertiveness is a great post to bookmark.

Two suggestions he makes stood out to me: “Make imperfect decisions” and “Stop top trying to manage how other people feel.”

# Book Nook Picks

Professional Pick: Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries by Peter Sims — I bought and read this book in 2011, and it transformed how I approach and think about business and professional experiments.

Personal Pick: In the #booknook this week, there was a conversation about love. Two books mentioned were bell hooksAll About Love and A General Theory of Love by Thomas Lewis.

There’s lots more where this came from… at

Post Status Podcast

We're rebooting Post Status Excerpt as a weekly chat between Nyasha Green and Dan Knauss (and guests—please join us!) about a few of the active topics and discussions in the WordPress community that we feel are most important. Big thanks to David Bisset in his former role as host and curator here, and also to our intern and post-production engineer, Olivia Bisset.

“People don't realize how long ago ‘long ago’ wasn't. We're not talking about two, three, four hundred years ago. My family always stressed working somewhere your employer respects you, because it wasn't that long ago they didn't have a choice.” —Nyasha Green

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