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Two quick things for you:

WordPress 20th Anniversary 

Last week I shared our ongoing celebration of WordPress 20th Anniversary here and asked you to share your WordPress origin stories and we've got some great ones we'll be publishing and sharing next week. 

But first two from members shared their stories on their blogs here:
  • Keanan Koppenhaver starts his with: "The year was 2011 and I was a music composition major sitting in my dorm room, lamenting the fact that I had to have multiple tabs open to try and find a bus ticket home."
  • DJ Billings talks about his continuing evolution in WordPress
30 Days of Click Publish

I believe in the magical power of Clicking Publish and putting yourself out there. It's foundational to what lead to me writing this email today. And a couple years ago I did 30 Days of Clicking Publish and just asked who wants to join me for another 30 Days. 

If you want in, join the #click-publish channel and get ready to roll on Monday! 

—Cory Miller
BUSINESS #club, #business, #marketing

Hi, I'm MikeDemo, you may know me from WordCamps as Codeable or BoldGrid. I'm excited to contribute my first roundup of news for the week.

Automattic Launches Blaze Ad Network for Jetpack and Sites

Why it matters: When or Automattic launches a feature, it dramatically impacts the WordPress ecosystem. Will this replace Google Ads on WordPress blogs?

Dig In: Automattic is making a big move in the advertising world with the launch of its Blaze Ad Network. This new network allows Jetpack and site publishers to monetize their content by displaying ads on their websites; further, Automattic offers Live Ads and interactive ads personalized to each user's interests. The team also developed a self-serve portal that provides marketers access to over 500 million monthly visitors and makes setting up campaigns easy for any business. This move helps businesses access powerful ad management tools and gives creators another way to produce revenue from their content. Automattic's Blaze Ad Network is sure to make waves in the online advertising world as it seeks to provide an easier way for creators and businesses alike to engage with customers and optimize users' experiences. Read

One More Thing: If this is interesting to you, check out Carbon Ads as well. Samson Vowels has a video on how to install it on your blog.


AesirX and Concordium: New Analytics and SSO Technology

Why It Matters: Some laws say companies can only collect and store personal data online if they do it in a way that follows the law. BigTech has been criticized for a long time because it contains too much information about what people do online, uses aggressive third-party tracking, and shares information where it should not. In recent years, companies have been fined hundreds of millions of dollars because they were not following the law.

Details: AesirX and Concordium have recently developed a WordPress plugin that will revolutionize analytics and single sign-on (SSO) solutions for businesses. This powerful tool records website performance, browsing patterns, and user experiences in real time, creating streamlined SSO access for administrators and employees.To make user authentication even more secure, the WordPress plugin integrates with cloud directories so that users will not have to remember multiple passwords for different services. With AesirX and Concordium's WordPress plugin, businesses can get the most comprehensive analytics solution while keeping user data safe. Read

One More Thing: If you are interested in privacy, check out Termageddon's Privacy Policy Generator and FortressDB.

How to Sponsor an Underrepresented in Tech WordCamp Speaker

Winstina Hughes is a long-term community member and organizer within WordPress. She joins Cory Miller on Post Status Draft to discuss Support Inclusion in Tech, an effort to increase representation of minority and underrepresented speakers at WordCamp by providing needed financial support. Current committed sponsors are Yoast, MasterWP, GoDaddy, Gravity Forms, and Post Status. Listen

Quick Links

AGENCY #agency-owners#gigs

How's Your 2023 Kicking Off So Far?

I asked our agency owners that question this week and got some good responses noting how 2022 ended and seasonal focus, changes and improvements for 2023. Hiring remains a top issue I hear across our agency membership. Join in→

PRODUCT #wp-product-leaders

On OpenAI and WordPress with Jannis Thuemmig Of WP Webhooks

Jannis Thuemmig, founder of WP Webhooks, joins Cory Miller to discuss Open AI and WordPress. WP Webhooks is exploring the ways Open AI can be used to revolutionize website processes and management, starting with using it to create SEO-ready meta descriptions in Yoast. Listen →

Launching a WP Product in Public  

Corey Maass and I (Cory) had our first public session this week to talk about the backstory for how the product came up and how we came to partner together in this launch of Crop.Express. We're getting v1 prepped for submission to the repo for next week. You can register for the public sessions here, watch live on YouTube or listen in to the first session here.  

CURATED BY MIKE DEMO, CORY MILLER & TEAM. Have biz news to share? Get in touch.


Founded in 2010, Pressable is a world-class managed WordPress hosting provider built on the same data network as and WordPress VIP. With industry-leading performance, 24/7 expert support, a 100% uptime guarantee, and seamless integrations with WooCommerce, Pressable provides the tools you need to manage your WordPress websites and grow your business all in one place.

Check out Pressable →

From Cory: I'm using Pressable hosting for a friend's business site and also one of my personal sites and love it. Supersonic fast, amazing support ... like the old days. They don't get the attention they rightly deserve but Jess Frick and team are phenomenal. 

Take a free test drive with Pressable Playground →
COMMUNITY #introductions, #self-promotion, #booknook, #events

ChatGPT Did Not Write This Update

It’s true, ChatGPT (or any other AI writing tools) did not write this update, but I HAVE been playing around with it, and I can see the appeal, at least in part. But there has been A LOT of conversation in the community about these tools. I, like many other writers, experience some form of writer’s block or another from time to time. It’s not usually the “I don’t know what to write about” kind, but usually the “how do I get started with this post” kind of thing. And for that, AI writing tools are amazing. “Give me an outline for…” seems a good prompt and a great place to start.Someone asked me if using AI for writing is plagiarism. I asserted that it isn’t, as it’s not taking someone else’s writing found published elsewhere and presenting it as your own. I see it as a tool and even as part of research. But I’m curious about what your thoughts are.

  • Is using an AI writing tool plagiarism?
  • Is it a threat to content writers?
  • Is it a crutch?
  • Or is it simply another tool?
Let me know what you think.

Quick Links

  • WordCamp Asia February 17-19, 2023
  • YoastCon is back May 10 & 11
  • Podcast: Hallway Chats chatted with Matt Mullenweg this week
  • Podcast: WPBuilds posted the first in a series discussion with Zach Swinehart

CURATED BY MICHELLE FRECHETTE. Have community news to share? Get in touch.

Improvements: Five for the Future, Interactive Blocks, and Layout Classes

CURATED BYCOURTNEY ROBERTSON. Have Make WP news to share? Get in touch.

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Systems Engineer → rtCamp 

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