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I’m really pleased to announce Elementor as our newest Global Sponsor at Post Status.

I got to meet Itamar Ronen and team at WCEU this summer and enjoyed hearing what they are doing. Additionally, I keep hearing so many great things coming out of Israel with tech, where Elementor is based, and like CloudWays, they represent companies in other parts of the world we haven’t yet served as well as we should. Welcome Elementor!

FYI, speaking of serving our global community, (1) we have European-based hosts for our Member Huddle on Wednesdays. (2) A friend asked me about WordCamp Asia 2023 today. We’re actively talking about going, and we have a new Post Status Slack channel for those attending. (3) Last but not least, we have a great group of members in India. We’ve been talking about having a 2023 event there as well in another channel, #ps-india-2023.

Have a great weekend!

Cory Miller

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A glimpse of what’s going on in the world of development and design in the WordPress space by Post Status Tech Curator Daniel Schutzsmith.

Create your First App with Gutenberg Data
Are you struggling to understand how to work with React in WordPress? Automattic developer Adam Zieliński has put together a very nice tutorial to get you comfortable creating a simple React application and learning how to work with data. I know I’ve tried to learn React several times, but this was very succinct and explained the details in a way that made me realize the “why” for creating something like this.

Block Theme Builders: Figma to Block Theme
Last week I alluded to some folks working on finding a good workflow from Figma to Full-Site Editing (FSE). This week there’s a webinar on one of those methods! Even if you can’t join, I’d encourage you to check it out later. This session is the follow up to a previous webinar, Block Theme Builders: Design in Figma, which showed how to use the Theme Template — something I did NOT know existed! Very exciting!!!

WordPress & Eleventy: Part 1 | Part 2
Have you ever wanted to try using WordPress to create a static site? Here’s a great walkthrough on how to do that from interaction designer and front-end developer
Dana Byerly. They show us how to use WordPress with the static site generator Eleventy. I have to say, this was one of the easiest and most straightforward tutorials I’ve seen in a long time. Very well done! Also their site design is simply gorgeous and wonderfully accessible. Hat tip to Maciek Palmowski for the find!

Testing and Feedback for the Fluid Typography Feature
Make WordPress team is looking for feedback on this new feature in Gutenberg. In case you’re not familiar, fluid typography will scale to the screen’s available room so it always looks good. It’s important that theme developers take a look and see how it might work. For instance, in the comments, Post Status member Mark Root-Wiley mentions that using clamp might have some accessibility issues that need to be looked into further.

One Cool Tool

Each week we feature one cool tool that can help make your life easier as a WordPress builder.

Programming Fonts — My personal favorite for the past few years in VS Code and the terminal has been Fira Code, but using this little website I discovered JetBrains Mono, and I’m in love!


Covering business happenings and events that affect our pros, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Saas, Plugin, or Both?

The perennial question — to SaaS or not to SaaS? Both? WordPress-centric product and marketing, or not so much? Danielle Di-Tommaso and Josh Barling from Acsell join Vito Peleg from Atarim to talk about their experiences in these scenarios with Woo BizChat hosts Robbie Adair and Robert Jacobi.

The Weather In Woo

Ellipsis has published some new data and analysis that addresses the question, “Who is winning in the WooCommerce marketplace?”

Their conclusions:

  • In comparison to WordPress, WooCommerce has been a lot stronger this year.

  • 70% commission on sales makes the WooCommerce Marketplace a viable sales channel.

  • $85,498,900 has been earned in estimated revenue from the WooCommerce Marketplace.

Ellipsis has also calculated the top five highest-grossing products in the Woo marketplace, all estimated as grossing over $2 million (USD).

Want to Contribute to Our Business Section from a Services Perspective?

At Post Status, we want to offer diverse perspectives for our members, but we specifically want to add more coverage and topics that matter to our professional services members (i.e. agencies, freelancers, etc). Join our #agencyowner channel or #business and chime in, or ping our Editor Dan Knauss directly.

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Starting and growing great careers in WordPress

The Best Place to Break into WordPress

Talisha Lewallen from WP Connects asks, “What is the best way to start and stay involved in the WordPress community?” WordCamps and Meetups were mentioned a lot. But my favorite came from Ben Meredith who said: “The support forums are how I learned. It's a great way to help and learn simultaneously.”

One of the beautiful aspects of open source is that by contributing and helping you can be known. Simply being helpful is huge. One of our first employees at iThemes started first as a customer who was extremely helpful answering forum questions (back in 2009) … and yes, he’s still there.

Video: Takeaways From My ‘Forced’ Sabbatical

Publisher Cory Miller’s recently went on Post Status Live to share his burnout and recovery experience — and now the recorded video is on our YouTube channel. Cory says the gift of “time and space” was exactly what he needed in our Always On culture.

# Book Nook Picks

Professional Pick: The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You by Julie Zhuo — Member Justin Sainton mentioned this book and says he is “halfway through and it's gold so far.”

Personal Pick: Returning to our theme on love from last week, member Steve Burge linked to “How to Love” by Thich Nhat Hanh and said he “probably dips into it every day and finds it useful every time.”

There’s lots more where this came from… at

Post Status Podcast

We're rebooting Post Status Excerpt as a weekly chat between Nyasha Green and Dan Knauss (and guests—please join us!) about a few of the active topics and discussions in the WordPress community that we feel are most important.

Post Status Excerpt (No. 65) — How We Talk When We Talk About WordPress

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There are Multiple WordPress Positions open at GoDaddy — remote and ranging across all time zones.

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WP White needs a remote, Europe-based Quality Assurance & Support Engineer.

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