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This week I had fun juggling 6 interviews talking about everything from Brian Gardner's start in WP to where we are now, OpenAI and WordPress, and more agency owner and product journeys to share soon. 

WP @ 20
We have several new impactful WordPress Origin stories in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of WordPress

Read Week 2 of WP Origins Stories for: 
  • Aubrey Portwood
  • Chris Eller
  • Patrick Rauland
  • Robby McCullough
  • Ashley Pfeil
  • Plus D’nelle Dowis 

Submit your own WP Origins story here.

—Cory Miller

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OpenAI and WordPress

Had several conversations and an interview for Draft podcast soon about how WordPress can leverage and integrate OpenAI and beyond this week. To give us some space to talk about opportunities, obstacles and ideas, I started an OpenAI and WordPress channel to share experiences.

Mark Westguard from WSForm, who I recorded an interview for Draft, has an Add-On to leverage OpenAI in WP, plus a live demo. He mentioned three areas of potential: Create, Edit, Moderate. His initial interest came in the form of Moderation for forms and other site moderation tasks. 

This morning, I played around on Mark's demo with the "Completion-Chat" function and veered into its coaching me.


Josepha on Why WP is CMS Leader 

WordPress recently celebrated two decades of empowering its users to build upon their technical prowess and take control over the online spaces they inhabit. To mark this milestone, WP's Executive Director Josepha Haden Chomphosy shared her insights on why it has grown into a CMS leader - respecting Open Source freedoms, practicing ethical business principles, and embracing community-led development. With Phase III of Gutenberg underway, WordPress aims to reinforce these values by improving collaboration workflows with no bias towards proficiency level, democratizing digital creativity for everyone!

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Owning Your Own Platform with Tiffany Bridge of Nexcess

Tiffany Bridge joins Cory Miller to talk about the latest innovations she and her team at Nexcess have created for beginner online store owners, simplifying WordPress for users, and the ongoing battles between centralization and decentralization. Listen →

Corey & Corey On Product Paths & Opportunities Before Launch

In this week's session on Launching a WP Product in Public, Corey Maass and I go over the actual product and talk product paths and opportunities for launch. Session 1 on partnering is here and you can join in via webinar or YouTube next week.

JetPack Mobile App Released 

Sarah at WP Tavern has nice writeup on the new JetPack mobile app that was released this week after the decision was made last year by the Core team to refocus the WordPress app on core features. 

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State of JS 2022 Released

The release of the 2022 state of JavaScript report provides a much-needed insight into the major trends and advancements in the world's leading scripting language. It is no secret that JavaScript plays a pivotal role in powering WordPress. This report shows just how important it is for the continued development of web applications around the globe. The report highlights some of the most popular libraries for frontend and backend development and takes an in-depth look at things such as npm usage, React adoption, and more. As technology surrounding JS continues to evolve, WordPress developers should use this resource and stay up to date on its exciting developments.

Woo Blocks Goes Local

WooCommerce has just released WooCommerce Blocks 9.4.0, adding support for local pickup of WooCommerce store products. This feature will allow WooCommerce customers to select the new local pickup delivery option during checkout without paying additional shipping costs. With WooCommerce Blocks 9.4.0, store owners don't need any specialized setup or plugins to offer a local pickup option; update WooCommerce and WooCommerce Blocks, and you're ready to go! Local pickup has always been a prevalent delivery option, even before the pandemic began. With WooCommerce's continuing commitment to making its platform as straightforward and efficient as possible for store owners, it's no surprise that this feature is being introduced now. WooCommerce continues to make eCommerce easier than ever before!

GitHub CoPilot

With the launch of GitHub Copilot's 'technical preview' in June 2021, new AI-powered technology has entered the programming world. Though some celebrated its potential to act as our code-generating overlords, others dreaded what it could mean for software developers everywhere - likely somewhere between these two extremes lies reality! While Copilot offers a valuable reprieve from monotonous tasks or unit tests and is best utilized with languages high on boilerplate (e.g., Go), generated code must be checked carefully, and consistency may need to be improved with careful validation efforts.

Maya Posch shares her thoughts on HACKADAY.

Release the Kraken Notes!

WordPress developers looking for a reliable way to generate release notes can now take advantage of ReleaseNote.AI. This easy-to-use tool simplifies the entire process, providing everything developers need to publish helpful release notes quickly and accurately. ReleaseNote.AI automatically focuses on the things that matter most, highlighting any changes or updates in an informative way so customers can understand them easily. By incorporating ReleaseNote.AI into their workflow, WordPress plugin and theme developers can get their releases out faster and with greater assurance that their customers are updated on all improvements.

1Password's Growth in Skyrocketing

Security breaches in the online world are commonplace; businesses are doing what they can to protect their data and operations. One of the top options for business owners these days is 1Password for business, especially in light of the security incident with LastPass a few weeks ago. Companies must understand that password protection apps will not negate the need for following best practices like two-factor authentication regardless of the platform used. These additional measures should be taken even more seriously since they are often overlooked by malicious users looking to exploit weaknesses. Ultimately, 1Password for business provides a critical layer of protection while further steps should be taken to ensure optimal safety.

CURATED BY MIKE DEMO. Have tech news to share? Get in touch.


Elementor enables web creators to build professional, pixel-perfect websites with an intuitive visual builder. Quickly create amazing websites for your clients or your business with complete control over every piece, without writing a single line of code. Join a vast community of web creators from all around the world who deliver exceptional websites using Elementor.

Check them out→
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20 Years of WordPress Milestones 

We’re really excited about all the possibilities for celebrating not only WordPress but the whole community - YOU! So we’ve put together a few fun ways for you to contribute your stories and historical events.

Submit milestones to our WordPress timeline. Have you built a plugin or business? Did you host a WordCamp for the first time? Add it to the timeline via the form below. Let’s see a timeline that truly showcases the community. 

Tell us your WordPress story. Tell us how you got started in WordPress. Or tell us about your first website. Or building your agency. Or theme. Or plugin. And we’ll include it in social and our blog this year.

Member Spotlight

Post Status professional member, Talisha Lewallen is in the spotlight this week. Talisha is the CEO and Founder of WPConnects, and the Founder and President of the CertifyWP Foundation.

Huddles are Now Meetups

2022 gave us great opportunities to create and learn from the huddles we created. We loved meeting people through Zoom and sharing with and learning from one another. And we want to take that and grow it. So we’re retiring huddles (for now) and transitioning into meetups that are targeted for your growth.
  • Post Status Professionals
  • Post Status Agency
  • Post Status Product Owners
Join the Post Status meetup and then RSVP for the meetups that best meet your needs (one, two, or all three).

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Big Picture Goals for 2023

CURATED BYCOURTNEY ROBERTSON. Have Make WP news to share? Get in touch.

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Systems Engineer → rtCamp 

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