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A couple of thoughts on my mind: 

Never waste a good crisis: In terms of business, I'm reminded repeatedly: When everybody hunkers down, pauses or even rushes out ... maybe that's an opportunity to take their space and lean in. Reading The Obstacle is the Way in 2014 fundamentally changed my perspective and how I operate. 

The WordPress agency vista is refreshing and inspiring: As I continue to talk to more and more WordPress agency owners (four or so this week), I keep getting more excited and proud to be a part of WordPress and this community. WordPress changes lives. And these agencies are changing their clients' lives with it and doing super cool stuff that blows my mind. From leveraging TikTok to big integration projects on dairy farms, it's pretty incredible. I'll be sharing their stories soon. 

Also, my quick survey in our #agency-owners channel about price ranges for client projects totally reset me ... in a good way. The number of our agencies doing projects over $50K+ made my jaw drop and then turned into a big smile. 

WP innovation through products: I was really looking forward to catching up and interviewing James Farmer of WPMU Dev for a Post Status Draft podcast this week. He's been in WordPress and products for a long time. I wanted to get his perspective and opinions on WordPress, plugins, and more — he delivered. 

I have a huge heart for our product founders as I know intimately the ups and downs and the sometimes unclear and rocky paths they navigate to keep delivering and innovating for their customers while managing their businesses.

I don't want to promise something we can't deliver. But we promise to be your place for connection and community — and to help share your voice. It's an imperative. But to have that voice it means leaders stepping up to pull each other together, sharing experiences, exploring possibilities, and uniting around a shared vision and our core values. DM me if we can help you do that. 

– Cory

Learning and Pulling Together

This week was all about revisiting and continuing conversations that have special value and maybe for that reason tend to continue on with a life of their own...

Tom Willmot (Human Made) dropped a fine Twitter thread in response to Magne Ilsaas' (Dekode) featured post here last week, The WordPress Enterprise Paradox. Tom emphasized Magne's main points but thinks the biggest challenge is how the lack of a clear “definition of ‘Enterprise WordPress' as a space and a brand” leads agencies “to a lot of duplication of effort and .. [a] struggle to communicate what we are as an enterprise platform.” This also poses “the biggest opportunity.”

“If won't do it, why don't we?”

That's what James Farmer had to say about the plugin repository debacle over Matt Mullenweg's sudden removal of the active install growth charts. Kicking off a series of Product and Agency Founder episodes of Post Status Draft, Cory chatted with James about everything from his launch of the first hosted WordPress multisite blogging platform — just a few days ahead of — to his views on Gutenberg, how he stays competitive with Squarespace, and how he thinks the WordPress business community should pull together to do more for themselves, collectively. WATCH/LISTEN→

Could voluntary standards clean up the plugin market?

In a similar vein Eric Karkovack put out a call for greater scrutiny of the WordPress ecosystem by those with the power to influence it for the better. We got in an extended discussion of the possibilities in Post Status Slack. Eric would like to see “voluntary standards” developed and promoted by WordPress product owners and developers who see the stake they have in a healthy WordPress ecosystem. Spreading “best practices in code and business” would make it a lot healthier. Zach Stepek, Lesley Sim, Carl Alexander, and Patrick Leblanc rounded out the conversation with the possibilities, including the barriers and frustrations, for such a project. If you share an interest, please join in.

How do you rank in the plugin repository?

Jack McConnell (Made With Fuel) noticed his plugin's tag position slipping "quite a bit" in search results on recently and wanted to compare notes with other plugin owners in Post Status #business. Despite handling support tickets quickly, PluginRank and personal testing showed a steep drop on key search tags. The resulting discussion was instructive and surfaced frustrations we've heard a lot. The general conclusion was that competition from other plugins is likely driving the changes, which can be dramatic but don't necessarily correspond to any dips in revenue for the plugin owner. MORE→

How do you get plugin telemetry?

This week Rohit Singhal (Xtendify) asked how others are tracking how customers use new features in plugins or themes. Amplitude, Mixpanel, Jitsu, and Google Analytics are his tools of choice. That led Nathalie Lussier to surface a rich thread from last November when Adrian Tobey (Groundhogg) wanted to know how plugin owners and developers get telemetry. He got many great answers! MORE→

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CURATED BY DAN KNAUSS. Have business news to share? Get in touch.

Keeping up with PHP

JetBrains, the company behind a suite of developers tools, including the popular PhpStorm and WebStorm, recently launched PHP Annotated — a channel on YouTube.

The channel’s creator Brent Roose is a well-known PHP blogger and PHP core contributor. Brent previously worked at Spatie and is now a PHP developer advocate at JetBrains, so it makes sense that his employer would want to use his existing YouTube channel and followers.

As before, the channel is focused on engaging with the PHP community. The only difference is that now Brent will be able to offer far more (and better) content. His first episode under the new brand is What’s New in PHP 8.2.

Developing WordPress in GitHub Codespaces

GitHub announced on Twitter that GitHub Codespaces is now widely available for everyone, with access to 60 hours free every month. Codespaces is a full-featured development environment that’s hosted in the cloud, with both the filesystem and code editor working inside your browser. 

WordPress lead developer Helen Hou-Sandí, who now works at GitHub (albeit in a different department than Codespaces) sees the value in this for first-time contributors to WordPress. In a post on the Make WordPress blog, she announced her plans to make the wordpress-develop GitHub repository usable in GitHub Codespaces. This could pave the way for a much smoother experience for first-time contributors and set an example that other open-source projects could follow.

Counting Sponsored Contributors

A while back, we were really pleased to share how Chuck Grimmet (Automattic) has been building a spreadsheet with more granular data on WordPress core contributors. Who their sponsors are (which changes) and whether they're sponsored or not (which also changes) is hard to keep up with. You can help backfill the data on past releases — just get in touch with Chuck.

For the 6.1 release, Chuck just dropped the following numbers in Post Status Slack: 149 contributors were sponsored (18.7%) with Automattic ranking as the top sponsor for 63 contributors (42.28%) followed by:

  1. WPDeveloper (11/7.38%)
  2. Yoast (8/5.37%)
  3. GoDaddy (6/4.03%)
  4. Awsm Innovations (6/4.03%)
  5. XWP (5/3.36%)
  6. Multidots (5/3.36%)
  7. Extendify (5/3.36%).

Cool Tool

Each week we feature one cool tool that can help make your life easier as a WordPress builder.

Directory Serve

Directory Serve is a Node.js CLI tool that allows you to serve a directory on your local computer with file upload/download support. It’s perfect if you need a way to quickly share some files to your mobile devices or move them from the mobile devices to your computer. While most folks in the Apple ecosystem probably don’t need this, it’s great for those using Android mobile devices or Windows/Linux desktops. It could also pave the way for a smoother experience in local mobile testing for web developers. (And who knows, you could also use it to prove to young people that files and folders actually still do exist.)

CURATED BY JON BOSSENGER . Have tech news to share? Get in touch.


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Where (and How) Do We Connect?

Twitter is fast becoming a dumpster fire. Every time I look at my account, the settings, access, and options change. Sometimes overnight. Sometimes seemingly every fifteen minutes. There is a lot that happens on Twitter in the WordPress community. So it begs the question, where will you go if it all ends in a fiery crash like a SpaceX Rocket, or runs out of energy like a Tesla on the side of the road?

Finding each other isn’t necessarily the difficult part. There’s Slack, of course, and Facebook groups. It’s building the rapport in a new “main place” that is challenging, as well as finding new ways and locations to seek out and connect with customers and clients.

Mastodon is gaining in popularity, but there is a slight learning curve. And it’s a bit like shouting “Marco” into the void and not hearing anyone shout back “Polo” back when trying to find connections. Tumblr is an option, but it doesn’t work in the same way Twitter or Mastodon do as far as posting, following, and connecting.

Tell me where you will be building your next following if it’s not on Twitter. DM me on Slack (or Twitter while it’s still standing.)

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