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As we continue to evolve our content here, two groups have stuck out to me in refining what we do: Client focused members and Product focused members. So this week you'll see our Business section today segmented a bit more to reflect that emphasis just for you. 

Also, you'll see associated Slack channels next to the sections to connect you to those conversations for you and each other. 

—Cory Miller
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A Healthy, Vibrant WP Business Ecosystem 

I start most days here thinking about the continued growth and health of the WP business ecosystem. Particularly because I believe it's an essential and central question for you and for WordPress. (And that's one of our jobs here.)

But why this focus? Because, I believe, a thriving WP business ecosystem now and in the future should mean we get to keep doing this awesome thing we call WP, and continue serving our team, clients and customers. 

So I asked the question "What are the Keys to a Thriving WP Business Ecosystem" in #club today ... I have thoughts, but I want to hear yours.  

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December = Annual Planning

When I asked agency owners earlier this week what was on their mind, the consensus so far was planning. 

As an agency owner, what and how do you think about the upcoming year, including questions you asked yourself, key conversations you have, tools you might use. Justin Sainton mentioned Gary Keller's book "The One Thing." The more I talk to entrepreneurs I hear annual plans, broken down into quarterly targets, with daily, weekly, monthly conversations about them, in a system like Traction, which is used by a lot of entrepreneurs I know. CHIME IN

Talking with Agency Owners, How They Got to Now

In our effort to serve agency life better, I've been interviewing WP agency owners to get their origin stories and to talk about what they do and how they got here. I've got some great interviews in the queue and more to come, from boutique agency owners to enterprise leaders. 

The first is D'nelle Dowis of Berry Interesting Productions. Having been in WP for over a decade, D'nelle's energy and passion comes through in this interview, and one particularly interesting part is how she started working with musicians and bands to help them grow their work (and survive financially during COVID). LISTEN →
PRODUCT #wp-product-leaders

When is the “Right Time” to Go Full Time on Your Product? 

Going full time on a product is seen as the “holy grail” in the WordPress space, and Barn2's Katie Keith shares thoughts in Episode 10 of WP Product Talk 
  1. When you’re making enough money to support yourself full time.
  2. When you have enough traction to prove the business is sustainable and have some money saved up to “bootstrap” while you devote yourself to the product.
  3. When you realize even if you took a pay cut, your overall quality of life will improve. You’ll have better balance and general happiness.
Highlights, thanks to Kim Coleman

Talking with WP Product Founder, Owners, Leaders

All too often the humans leading our favorite product tools don't get much spotlight. So for the past couple of weeks I have been interviewing Product Leaders in WordPress, like Pressable's Jess Frick, Nexcess' Tiffany Bridge and scheduling more. They share their professional stories, talk about exciting things with their products and what they are seeing in WordPress. 

First up is Robert Jacobi of Cloudways. I've known Robert for a couple of years and his background as an agency owner, contribution and involvement in open source projects (including Joomla, now WP) and has a really compelling perspective. LISTEN

CURATED BY CORY MILLER & TEAM. Have business news to share? Get in touch.


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WordPress Gives a Hand

For the third year in a row, a bunch of WordPress community members will join together at the holiday time for the charity campaign “WordPress Gives A Hand” #wpgivesahand.

During the holiday season, instead of giving out discounts to customers, participating WordPress community members will donate a percentage of their revenue to supporting people in need. Each company chooses whichever charity they would like to donate to.

This great initiative raises awareness across the global WordPress community. Last year, participating companies included Cloudways, TranslatePress, Visual Composer, wpDataTables, Amelia, and others. This year WordPress Gives a Hand is asking for your help to show the world that WordPress is a place for everyone! To learn more or to get involved visit

Member Spotlight

  • Professional: Jamie Madden is the founder and lead developer of WC Vendors Marketplace, the first free multivendor marketplace plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce, launched back in 2014.

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CURATED BYCOURTNEY ROBERTSON. Have Make WP news to share? Get in touch.

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Our regular curator here, Daniel, needs to step back for a bit and so we're looking for help with this section. Ideally, you're developer-minded and watching what's happening with a WordPress filter for what matters to your fellow WP members. We need a once a week roundup of 3-5 items — basically the thing that matters and why. Quick Links are great too. (Paid by the way). Ping Cory here. 
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