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Apologies for the delay in getting the newsletter out. I was in Phoenix last week for a friend retreat (good food, UTV riding, great camaraderie and lots of belly laughs). Just fun, no work. Weird, right?! But it was really really good medicine. 

These three friends are also entrepreneurs and asked me to go several months ago. I haven't done a non-work trip consistently or in a while, so I wanted to share a couple takeaways: 
  • We got real. And had incredibly open and honest and unplanned conversations about the realities of being an entrepreneur, dads, husbands and humans. The "I'm not alone" conversations when you realize, everyone has similar problems, just with different names attached to them. 
  • Next time I won't bring my laptop. I ignored it (obviously as the newsletter is late). It was just something I lugged around the airport because I thought I needed it in case of emergency and only served to induce guilt. I just wanted and needed to be present with my friends. 
  • Activities are good excuses and distractions for quality time with open, good people on a similar journey. My bucket list doesn't have car shows on it, but it was an activity and a reason to hang out. 
  • You never know where you'll meet new friends. On my flight back, I just wanted to relax and listen to music and savor the experience. But Stephen sat down next to me and I quickly found myself in a thrilling conversation for the next 2 hours about all kinds of stuff from the zombie apocalypse to AI and dad stuff. At one point I go, "I thought I was the only one who thought about things like this."
Sure, I came back recharged but more than that, I came back seen and heard and accepted. And that ... is priceless. 

Real human experiences like this without pretense or walls or masks are the heart of community. I've had hundreds of experiences like this with you over the years. It's the fire I warm myself by. 

I hope this week you can reconnect with friends here.

—Cory Miller
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Post YouTube Video, Get Flooded with Opportunities

My friend Matt Medeiros, of Matt Report and WP Minute, posted a YouTube video recently titled "I Lost my Job ..." and it, as of this writing, it has 1.7K views. The video rocks for a couple of reasons 1. It's incredibly open and authentic and human and professional. 2. It's an amazing framework for the New Resume (copy and paste it), and 3. It worked well, as Matt's gotten tons of pings and opportunities. 

But the key takeaway for WHY he's gotten so many pings is very simple to me: He's consistently shown up for over a decade in WordPress. He's built and cultivated relationships. So he's a known entity. And the work he's done over the years through his podcasts and other work IS his portfolio. He bleeds WordPress and does his work at a high level. And that makes for a hot free agent in any field. 
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Using Retainers To Grow an Enterprise Agency with Mario Pershev of Devrix

In this episode of Post Status Draft, Mario Peshev, founder of DevriX, joins Cory Miller to discuss WordPress retainers, entrepreneurship, and the future of WordPress. Mario encourages agency owners to chase recurring revenue to build in the freedom to do quality work with the capacity to lead into your future vision for your business. Listen

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All the Details That Go Into Launch: Session 3 of Launching a WP Product in Public

In this week's session on Launching a WP Product in Public, Corey Maass and I share the launch of Crop Express in the repo and the myriad details that go into it as well as next steps in getting feedback and marketing. Session 3 is here and you can join in via webinar or YouTube this week.

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Open-Source + AI

Open-source software has revolutionized the conversation about Artificial Intelligence (AI) policy. A new report from the Brookings Institution notes its potential importance, while ongoing initiatives from organizations such as the Linux Foundation lend weight to its significance. Stanford's Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging also contributes to open-source projects, utilizing AI for Health services for medical imaging datasets with pre-trained models relying on open-source architecture. Even tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Netflix recognize the importance of this software landscape, coming together to create a collective, non-profit effort meant to support it. Open-source software will remain an integral part of shaping the future of AI policy. Read more via How open source software shapes AI policy→.

State of Open Source 2023 Report

OpenLogic by Perforce and the Open Source Initiative (OSI) recently released the 2023 State of Open Source Report. It is an eye-opening collection of data revealing how open-source technology is becoming increasingly potent across organizations worldwide. The report is based on extensive interviews with IT executives and open-source users, providing readers with a clear understanding of how organizations leverage open-source software for growth. This report provides valuable insights into increasing use and adoption and offers recommendations on maximizing the potential of open-source technologies. This comprehensive report allows users to gain knowledge that can be used to plan long-term strategies with confidence. Read→

Top Open Source Tools

After months of reviewing, CRN released their "The 10 Coolest Open-Source Software Tools Of 2022" late last month. With the tech arena ever-changing, it was no easy task pairing down the endless apps and programs to just 10. This open-source software list showcases versatile tools that can be used for various purposes, from operating systems to managing networks, planning projects, or launching an e-commerce shop. Experts in the industry handpicked this digital asset to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest trends in tech consumerism. Each program is designed to help streamline time-consuming tasks, enhance productivity, and optimize processes more efficiently. A great benefit of open-source software is its affordability, free from any licenses or fees that might apply to other technologies. Read→
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Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that facilitates choice, simplicity, and performance for ecommerce, startups, agencies, and developers. Our customers have the choice of hosting their PHP powered applications on five leading IaaS providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Engine, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr. Check them out →
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Contributing to WordPress

There are many ways to contribute to WordPress, the Open Source Project. And to be honest, most of them have nothing to do with coding. I really wish more people knew that. A quick perusal of the Make WordPress site and you’ll see over 20 teams you can be part of. One team that I’ve spent time working on this past year is the Photo Directory. There are currently over 5,700 photos that have been approved into the directory. And every photographer who has a photo approved has a badge on their WordPress profile for helping us build the CC0 library. If you’ve got a good eye and want to add your photos, please do! Just make sure the quality is good, they are your property, contain no human faces or other identifying information, and a few other rules to agree to when you share a photo with the directory. To see all the rules and begin submitting photos, start here.

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