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I'm really excited for a couple of reasons today:

First, you'll notice a brand new newsletter design with a modern brighter look and color-branded sections of curated content. Let me know what you think and how we can improve for you. 

Second, today we also officially relaunch an overdue membership feature (in MVP) — our Business Member Directory, showcasing the supporters of the professional community of WordPress. 

You'll find our initial AgencyProduct and Hosting profiles here. Later this month, we're also relaunching our Professionals directory. 

Third, I'm proud to announce our next sponsor-partner is Pressable. Our dear friend Jess Frick is their Director of Operations (she's a true pro and amazing). Helping a non-WP friend with his business website last month, I got to see first-hand how awesome their product and support is. Welcome Pressable!

– Cory

What Does Professionalism Mean in WP?

In this episode of Post Status ExcerptEric Karkovack joins Dan Knauss to discuss their top picks for important topics and news stories in WordPress this week. Then they take up the topic of “professionalism.” What is it — what does it mean for us in the WordPress community, and how does it relate to a healthy open source project and business ecosystem? Listen →

Considering Global Purchasing Power Parity

Rodolfo Melogli
 has explained how they've changed the pricing structure at Business Bloomer to be more affordable to people around the globe. He’s done this by calculating “Purchasing Power Parity.”

"Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) is a metric that can be used to determine the actual “purchasing power” of a given country. A basket of goods purchased in the USA with USD is compared to the price of that same basket in a given country, in that country’s local currency.

This ratio is never identical to the actual local currency exchange rate against USD. In fact, in some countries it’s much lower, which means that those goods can only be purchased using less USD than would be required in the USA.

Based on this metric, the PPP value helps with redefining prices. To better illustrate this, based on PPP data from the last 5 years, those in India may receive discounts of up to 75% on Business Bloomer WooCommerce online courses, those in South Africa may receive a 59% discount, Norway students may receive no discount, and so on." Read →

Quick links

  • Bet Hannnon shared a rebrand and niche-down offering called AccessiCart for web accessibility in ecommerce. 
  • WOOF is a new directory for WooCommerce extensions. Their goal is to become the “yellow pages” for your WooCommerce add-on needs. 
  • Liquid Web turned 25 this week. Now under their StellarWP brand, they have acquired several WP companies: iThemes (2018), Restrict Content Pro (2020), The Events Calendar (2021), Iconic (2021), KadenceWP (2021), GiveWP (2021), LearnDash (2021), and Modern Tribe (2021). Read →
  • Matt Mullenweg talks about Building an Empire on Free Code with What's Your Problem? host Jacob Goldstein. Listen →

CURATED BY DAN KNAUSS. Have business news to share? Get in touch.

Building ACF blocks with block.json

Developer Bill Erickson shared an ACF Block tutorial, saying "As WordPress ships new features for blocks, you can start using them right away. Blocks are registered 'the WordPress way' so support all WP core features. You don’t have to wait for ACF to add support for a new feature. Read here →

Insight on the WP 6.0.2 Security Release

Ram Dall over at Wordfence has a good breakdown of three vulnerabilities patched in the WordPress 6.0.2 Security and Maintenance Release. One is a high severity SQLi vulnerability in the links functionality, and the other two are medium severity Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities.

Ram says “Most actively used WordPress sites should be patched via automatic updates within the next 24 hours, and any sites that remain vulnerable would only be exploitable under very specific circumstances.”

Core Web Vitals and WordPress Best Practices

NitroPack is hosting Google's Salvatore Denaro, Senior Technical Solutions Consultant, who will be sharing about Core Web Vital's background, benefits and best practices, along with a live demonstration of websites that fail and pass their CWV. Register →

Quick links

  • Know any project using Gutenberg outside of WP? Share 
  • Why you need to update to PHP8 Watch 
  • Make Microsoft Word Docs in WordPress Read 
  • WordPress 6.0.2, Advanced Admin Handbook, Accessibility Tags for Block Themes, and Improving the Template Creation Experience Read →
  • Vikas Singhal announced Gutena Forms released their Forms Block plugin on the WP Repo Look →
CURATED BY POST STATUS TEAM. Have tech news to share? Get in touch.


A2 HostingFounded in 2010, Pressable is a world-class managed WordPress hosting provider built on the same data network as and WordPress VIP. Our mission is to deliver the most value-packed, premium-performance WordPress hosting plans available anywhere. By doing this, we make agencies more profitable, developers more productive, business owners’ lives easier, and contribute to making the internet an overall better and happier place. 

Check out Pressable →
Writing as Contribution in WordPress
Member Eric Karkovack writes: "The WordPress project, software, and community are equally important. They all play a role in ensuring growth, progress, and success. ... We need more people within the WordPress community who are interested in writing and more places to amplify their voices."

It's also a fantastic career skill to show what you know and can do ... and get discovered. Read →

Quick links

  • Mika Epstein has had a wonderful decade at DreamHost but is moving on to XWP in a developer role and stepping back from some WordPress responsibilities. Read 
  • Angie Jones, VP of Developer Relations for TBD, Block’s new business unit, shared a Tweet thread with tips on navigating tech as a woman

CURATED BY CORY MILLER. Have career news to share? Get in touch.

WCUS: What's Different + Make It Awesome

Michelle shares how to make the most of your attendance at WCUS: Meet people. Deepen connections. Learn as much as you can. Share as much as you are able. Oh, and those masks? Think of it as license to eat all the onions and garlic you want. Read →

Post Status In-Person Member Huddle in San Diego
Our team (Dan, Michelle, Adam, Cory) will be at WordCamp US next week and we're hosting an informal "come and go" Member Huddle on Thursday. It's designed to be a key connection point of High Fives and a big deep breath before the conference begins. If you are setting up a booth that afternoon, we are a come and go event, so come when you can! RSVP →

Member Spotlights
CURATED BY MICHELLE FRACHETTE. Have community news to share? Get in touch.
Content Journey →  Marketing Coordinator

iThemes (StellarWP)  → WordPress Developer

GiveWP (StellarWP) → WordPress Product Developer 

Pressable → Senior Digital Marketing Manager 

GoDaddy → Multiple WordPress Positions 

WP White Security → Quality Assurance & Support Engineer → Freelance WordPress Developer  

LevelUp  → WordPress Technical Support Engineer 

YIKES → Senior WordPress Developer  

NitroPack → Customer Success Manager 

NitroPack → WordPress Developer 

Kadence → WordPress Support Technician 

Nexcess → Marketing and Web Operations Manager

Kalamuna → Senior WordPress Developer
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