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Kurt Brindley
relating to humans
So it appears, I've recently discovered, that you are able to reply directly to me.

I had no idea.  I had just assumed these newsletters would be sent out as one of those annoying "no-reply" type emails and all this time I've been throwing unnecessary and evil hurdles in your way by asking you to send me your poetic magic through my site's Contact Page.

Now that I know you can reply directly to me, there shall be no more of that logistical nonsense between us.

If you would like to help me send the year out in poetic style as discussed in NL-007, I invite you to reply directly to this or any other missive of love of mine and I shall happily receive it directly in my inbox.

Or you can start an email anew and send it to ""

Or you can still plug it into the Contact page if you prefer.

Choices!  We have choices!

Ah... Life!

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