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I have come to find that one of the biggest joys that the success of my blogging efforts has brought to me is an ability to share and profile the work of other like minded writers and artists striving to represent truth and meaning in their own unique and special way. As the Relating to Humans and the IABS&R features grow, so, too, does my joy.

And this Newsletter Love was brought about much in the same vein as was the Relating to Human feature.
The Vision for Kurt’s Newsletter is for it to be an intimate, salon-like space where all those who are passionate about Art in all its Fabulous Forms can come together and work toward establishing both mutual and divergent, friendly and challenging, collaborative and independent, long-term and temporal artistic relationships where ideas are shared and then transformed into indelible moments within the Expansive Foreverness of the Infinite Now. Kurt envisions doing this through Artist Profiles and the rendering of their Unique Creations, be they Words, Music, or Images, via this intimate space of a newsletter...
So what do you say we get this whole coming together to create and share within this intimate space of a newsletter thing started by each of you crafting a ... haiku?

What I would like you to do is write a haiku that focuses on the temporal nature of all things material.  Once you have crafted and polished it to an irrepressible yet seductive glow, please email it to me via my website's Contact page. I will then publish another Newsletter Love special edition in oh about two weeks or so to profile all the haiku submissions I have received.

Additionally, I will select one of the submissions to be profiled on my blog and I will invite the author to contribute a guest post, where she or he can discuss just about anything s/he desires to discuss. This selection will be announced in the same special edition.

The only requirement is that your haiku meets the traditional Western standard of the 5/7/5 format. Meaning the first line will have words that total five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third, once again, five syllables.

Now, there is debate on the whole 5/7/5 requirement; however, as this is a competition of sorts, I will require that it meet that criteria as specified. Helps to sift the chaff from the grain, so to speak.

If you are unfamiliar with haiku, or would like to see an example or two, you can conveniently check out my website's Haiku page.

Yes, I agree with you: haiku as a poetic genre has pretty much become platitudinous and cliché in this tweet-filled day and age. It seems just about everyone and her sister is a Haiku Poet lately. However, I believe haiku provide a good starting point for us to begin meeting the vision of this here newsletter full of love thingy.

And let's face it - most haiku, including mine, don't even meet the criteria/essence of true haiku. Most, as I read them littered all throughout the web, are better classified as senryū. While both are similar in structure, haiku typically are poems about nature, whereas senryū are poems usually about humans and their goofy lives lived.

Regardless, we'll call them all haiku whether they're written with a nature theme or not. Makes it easier for all involved.

So what do you think? Are you in?

If so, get to craftin' on the haiku and mail it to me when done.

By sending me your haiku in response to this Newsletter Love special edition you agree, if selected, to allow your haiku to be profiled on my website and to contribute a guest post in concurrence with the profile.

Copyrights for all submissions are retained by the authors.

Right on?

Write on!


Copyright © 2015 Kurt Brindley, All rights reserved.

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