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Hello, my friends.

While the subject of this newsletter may signal a conclusion to this first commitment of ours, that is the case only as it relates to our newsletter.  I, myself, still have much to say in regards to what I have read thus far; however, all that will be attended to at the website, and I ask all who are interested to please follow and comment along with me there as I make my slow and uneven progress towards my own conclusion of this commitment.

But what is most important right now is not how Emerson's Nature has moved me, what is most important is how it has moved you. It is my pleasure to present to you an essay and a poem by our good friend, kanzen sakura, and two poems by our new friend, Lauren.
kanzen sakura
 I became acquainted and friends with the Transcendental Writers - Emerson, Thoreau, et. al. at a young age.  They spoke to me for I loved nature in all her seasons.  I did and still do have a hard time sleeping.  Somehow, staying inside while it is snowing, the moon shining, spring rain falling, cicadas thrumming seems to be a dreadful waste of time.  Even as a small child I wandered outside and as an adult, I still do.  Meeting Emerson was like meeting an old friend with whom I had much in common.

In later years, Japan captured my heart.  Their keeping of seasons was a homecoming.  Specific words for spring rain, summer sky, autumn leaves - maple, fallen leaves, faded leaves, snow....all of them nestled close as I gathered them to my heart.  I knew Japan and its seasons and Emerson, Thoreau and their seasons - all were one.

Today we had ゆきまじり yukimajiri  - rain and snow mixed more snow than rain.  The meteorolist said, "rain and snow mixture".  Yukimajiri was more precise.

Emerson and Japan have added to my love of the natural world and given me words and thoughts and spurred my own words and thoughts.  To be still and be with nature is to never be lonely, to always be at peace.

And with all these words, I add a poem I wrote in the midst of a small wood, listening to the voice of autumn:  aki no koe.

Autumn Contemplation

the harvest moon is fading.
Bright gold coin in black sky
now dims and wanes
to a partial dish of cream.
Hatsu arashi, first storm of autumn
has washed clean the sky,
aki simu - autumn is clearing,
brilliant blue,
luminous white clouds drifting, silent. peaceful.
Autumn's voice whispers:
breeze across dry leaves on the grass,
wind in the reeds at the creek,
The little priest, the small cicada delicately
moves his wings, a small voice
among the raucous pine and bell crickets,
an alto to the larger cicadas
and their metallic thrum.
New coolness in the air
The coming of autumn
is somnolent today.
No rise or fall,
A steady tone of almost silence.
The morning glory twines
lovingly around my plum tree
and shows her blue face,
echoing her sister,aki no sora:
My beloved autumn sky.
An early leaf burning,
smoke wanders and its
incense drifts to heaven
and to my grateful heart.
I sit entranced in the midst
of the haiku I wish I could write.

walking past mirrors, void of willingness to look
with melancholy bubbling inside
until it is impossible to catch the deluge


in the midst of a typhoon

of voices and conversations
words spinning round
dusty confusion finding its way into every crease
a pencil reeking with failure falls to the ground
sacrificing it to avoid
something forgotten long ago
empty hello's are poured as the basis
of the overlooked asylum
so much noise ringing through the air
that is apathetic to those whom
are willing to wipe the looking glass clear
turned the corner too quick
and came face to face
with the one thing that can silence in spite of chaos
a face like a book that lacks words
and it is finally acknowledged
that infatuation is not proportional
a beacon is a flickering light
in another world
And with this realization the noise grows stronger
And the longer the riddle lacks a solution
the madder the soul becomes
there are no buses
out of this station

Typically, in these contests of sort, we are to choose one submission over the other(s), and the author of the one chosen would be offered the opportunity to submit a guest author post for the website. However, with this occasion, with two such thought-provoking and beautifully compelling submissions, I would like to extend the offer to both kanzen sakura and Lauren to submit a guest author post for the website.  It would be both my pleasure and honor if you both were to accept.

I ask all subscribers and non-subscribers alike to please visit with both authors at their websites to take a look around, to "like" and comment on those things that move and compel the soul, and to follow their sites to show them your appreciation and continued support of their creative efforts.

Thank you all very much for your interest and support of this salon-like space of a newsletter full of love, and I send a special thank you to kanzen sakura and Lauren for sharing their wonderful responses to Nature with us.

Write on...

Copyright © 2015 Kurt Brindley, All rights reserved.

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