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Poetry is a very personal endeavor, both in its creation and in its appreciation. What pleases my palate may strike yours as wholly distasteful. But so what, right? Such is life, and so it goes as the great Kurt Vonnegut used to like to remind us by way of his characters. Who we are is but a consequence of cumulative choices, as conflicted and consequential as they may or may not be. And as difficult as some choices are to make, some are made even more so by who and how many are impacted by the choice made...

So enough with my insecure disclaimer and on to the haiku. They are listed below in the order received and my selection as the one, not that I like best necessarily, but as the one that strikes me relevant at this as it so happens place and as it so happens time, is announced last. And, perhaps this is a continuance of my insecure disclaimer but it is important, at least to me, to remember that poetry truly is mood dependent. For, as it is a very personal endeavor, as we have already agreed upon (you agree, right?), it is also a very of the now endeavor as well. The relevance a haiku has for me now, in my present state of mind, might not have the same relevance for me in a future state of mind.

I just want to say thank you to all of you for, not just your participation, but for your love of words and poetry and, especially, for your fearlessness in letting your poetic voice be heard, and beautifully and powerfully so, in this little salon-like space of a newsletter full of love. I invite you to visit with each other outside this space; follow each others sites, perhaps; become friends, perhaps...

Thank you very much, Poets all.

Walls of wet ivy
ripple, eroding red brick
with nimble tendrils.



twelve months and one day
the warranty has expired
just like my lap-top



Does mama love me?
She was never here for me,
I still love mama.



Plastic tossed in waste
is not a banana peel
rotting in compost



Darkness quickly falls -
The sun fades and disappears
Like  summer flowers



Icy white mountain
Snowflakes gust to azure sky-
singing flock of doves.

shmatala, Esq.


sun rises sun sets
seasons turn while mankind frets
all return to dust

Robert Jepson


It is my privilege and honor, shmatala, Esq., to invite you to share your haiku and other thoughts and reflections that you may wish to share with the visitors to my site as a Guest Author.

Your haiku is especially striking to me, shmatala, Esq., as, from it, I feel that same sense of connection to the Elements, to the Earth, to the Universe, as I do when I walk my country roads during the cold, when the snow swirls across the fields like tornadoes in miniature and with the sky so blue in its surreality. And I hear those same singing doves come spring. It is in both the morning and the evening that their song of mourning calls.

And the haiku continues to impress me in its understatement, for one of the least things I enjoy when reading a poem is for it to come with instructions. I don't want a poem to tell me, I want a poem to feel me, as does yours, shmatala, Esq.

So, if you would at your earliest opportunity, please send me a draft of a post of just about anything you wish to write about. Once we're ready to publish, I will introduce you and your post with a word a about the challenge and a presentation of your haiku. We can further discuss timelines and logistics via email.

Thank you, shmatala, Esq., and thank you to all once again. And now that this challenge has drawn to a conclusion, I invite you all to join me in our next contest of sort, Emerson, First Commitment. Newsletter Love 003-15 is germane.
Peace and let us all continue to Poet on!
Copyright © 2015 Kurt Brindley, All rights reserved.

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