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Actually, I guess the subject line should read Hooray for Independent Film Studios!

Yeah.  Anyway...

Whaduya say?!  Our first edition of Newsletter Love for the fantastic year of MMXVI!

I hope this love-and-hope-filled letter is finding you well and equally filled with love and hope.

So, I'm not sure how often you visit my website but a lot has been going on for me lately...

And all this stuff I got going on - new books released; new movie in the works; yada yada - got me to thinking...

I know, I know...

But all this stuff got me to thinking about you and I began wondering what all the things are on your docket that you are working on.

And then I continued to wonder if you would like to share any of it with our intelligent and intriguing group of creative and inspiring friends here at our very own salon-like space of a newsletter.

So, in an effort to turn my thoughts and wonderment about your good stuff going on into a digital reality within this space...

How 'bout it?  Would you like to share something you are working on with the group?

For instance, you could share with us a poem; a very short story; an essay; a photograph; a logline and synopsis of a screenplay; or just an idea you would like to bounce off of us.

If so, please send the one coolest thing that you are working on to me by either responding to this email address or via my site's contact page (link at the top) and I'll happily share it here with the group.

Please indicate in your email to me if it is something that you only want to share, or if you are also seeking our constructive feedback.

If you would like our feedback, please indicated in your email to me that you authorize me to share your email address with the group. That way you can receive the feedback separately and privately, and by doing so, hopefully establish a new network of like-minded creative wizards such as yourself in which you all can bounce stuff back and forth off each other's pointy-hatted wizards heads for all time eternal.

I do, however, reserve the right to not share any work that you send me that I feel is not appropriate for the group. No erotica or nothing too violent or graphic please. And, by the way, don't just send me a link to your work at your website. I will share here only the good stuff.  No substitutes.


Ice cold.

All right then...

Write On! my friends.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Copyright © 2016 Kurt Brindley, All rights reserved.

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