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Well, this is it. I have been wanting to do this for so so long and now I've finally just went and did it.  I humbly introduce to you the inaugural edition of my newsletter.  It's a pretty basic affair right now.  And I expect it will pretty much stay that way, for the most part.  I want to keep it simple and try to keep it focused as much as possible on things that matter to me, such as highlighting and profiling cool things and cool people that I think you just might be interested in knowing about.  At least that's my hope anyway. Another hope is that I can make this a weekly Sunday feature.  We'll see.  As we say in the military: Semper Gumby ~ Always flexible.  Anyway, I'm pretty excited about this new endeavor and I want to thank all of you so-called early adapters who took a leap of faith in me and subscribed to this here thing. It means so much to me that you did.

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One of the things I want to do with this newsletter is introduce you to people and things I believe you would like to get to know. I especially want to use this format as a way to support those who support me.

And Jaffa Kintigh is just that kind of someone, as he was the very first subscriber to this newsletter. He was the first supporter in me and this new endeavor, the first to take that leap and I couldn't be happier that he did. And humbled by it.

My hope by introducing you to Jaffa here, is that you take the time to visit with him at his own website and dig in a little deeper into his poetry and his book reviews and all the other cool and interesting things he's got going on there. I think you'll like what you'll find.

From Jaffa's About page:

Howdy. My name is Jaffa Kintigh and can be found as such on I am a writer and avid reader living in Chicago, IL, USA. My goal is to not just chronicle and rate every book I read from this point onward, but to also review or at least share some thoughts on each book. I also would like to collect my thoughts as I go through my own writing process with the novel series I am working on.

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A lot has been going on at my website, which I am quite sure is a result of this:

Regardless the reason, it sure is fun. I am really enjoying all the new features that have been popping up on the site and all the new friends I've been fortunate to make as a result...
Butter from Poem Man
The Happily Disgruntled Writer
Literary Zen
Two of the features I am most happy to have launched recently are the Indie Author Book Selection & Review (IABS&R) and Relating to Humans.
The IABS&R is a feature where Indie Authors submit a synopsis of their book and I pick the one that most compels me to want to read it.  After I read the book, I then write a review and post it on my website, at Amazon, and at Goodreads. If you would like me to read and review your book, and I hope that you would, please check it out. A call for submissions for IABS&R Volume 2 was recently released. To enter a submission, please click here.
HANDS OF EVIL by Indie Author Melissa Barkerk-Simpson
IABS&R Volume 1 Selection
The Relating to Humans features is especially near and dear to my heart. A large chunk of my life has been invested into studying the humans as a species...a strange, unpredictable, wild, loving, and sometimes a bit dangerous species. And because this species is so special to me, I've opened up a forum where others can submit original work that illustrates their own unique understanding of the species. The focus of this feature are:

Women's Issues
Race Issues
LGBT Issues
Religious Issues
Political Issues
Flash Fiction

Two pieces have already be selected and profiled on the Blog.

WHO I AM - A Women's Issues Feature by becausethisishowisaythings

MY VIEW - A Women's Issues Feature by DotedOn
And to bring this inaugural issue of this long-anticipated newsletter (at least by me) to a close, I would like to profile a selection from the Relating to Humans Poetry feature. I hope you appreciate it as much as I do.


Where once stood proud and strong, the victor,
bones of the slain and conquered
lay waste in the dust beneath sandaled feet.
Their names, now mere filigree,
etched and then forgotten, on a bloodied blade.

Struck. Stunned. Felled. Broken.
The sting and surprise of the blow,
awesome, yet paled by eventual realization
that the mighty has fallen.
Fallen. Sword never to swing again.

What manner of person remains
when a warrior is stripped of arms?
What manner of employ beckons
to one who claims worth through victory?
A life at peace breeds no peace
for one who craves the fight.

Now behold humiliated, the wounded and twisted remains
of one once valiant and brave.
Confusion clouding movement, unsteady and weak -
former glories unrecognizable to the hero
and to witnesses to the rubble that was once a god.

Gravis Kartweeler

✍ ✄ ✍
I've enjoyed this visit with you, my friend.
Until next time...

Write on!
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