Tax season is upon us!

Dear Client, 

With tax season fast approaching, we are sending this letter as a reminder to start gathering all of your tax documents.

Similar to prior years, we are including in this email the following schedules:
  1. 2017 Checklist
  2. Self employed taxpayers -
                  a). Expenses summary schedule for 2017, both PDF and Excel formats (may not be qqqqqqqqqqqqapplicable to all clients). 
                  b). Expense summary guidelines

We have noticed a significant increase in CRA activity regarding follow ups requesting further information to support amounts in your tax returns. Some of these requests are simple and others are quite extensive in the types and volume of back up requested. We believe that approximately 20% of our clients received such a request last year. Should you receive such a request you can use the back up and slip information returned to you in our electronic distribution of your return to respond to their query or we can assist you in this process if you so desire. We have a minimum charge being implemented for this service of $200, however each case will vary. We will agree on a fee estimate with you before we get involved with the assistance.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. 

We are looking forward to assisting you with your 2017 tax filings.
Please join us at Sloan Partners LLP in supporting our mission to implement a paperless office and increase productivity as a truly digital organization.  We can do this together by transmitting documents electronically through Secure Email, the Sloan Secure Portal and USB downloads. is eagerly waiting to receive personal tax information such as scanned  T-slips, receipts etc. for the 2017 tax year.

To assist corporations with sending and receiving larger files such as QuickBooks, the Sloan secure Portal is readily available. For prompt set up, please contact your Sloan accountant.


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