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In our lives change sometimes appears in the more subtle of ways; haircuts, grey hairs, birthdays, suddenly finding yourself being able to complete a challenge that use to perplex and frustrate you, and sometimes change comes on like a tidal wave, and you find yourself struggling to just maintain balance and a sense of calm.  

This last month has been extraordinary for me in many ways. Mr. Adam Colton, a.k.a. mi amor, my hubby, the robin to my batman, has moved to Bishop, an amazing adventure sport/retirement community.  His plan is to spend the rest of his “retired” days flying his paraglider off mountains, rock climbing and mountain biking.  I have moved into a new apartment in Santa Monica with Sara, my lovely new girlfriend.  My brother and his wife have just brought another beautiful baby girl named Haven into the world. And on quite a sad note, my Uncle Glenn just lost his wife Debbie, who bravely struggled with her health over the last few years.  

This month has also featured a new songwriting gig for me.  I’ve begun writing guitar and string based rock, surf and blues cues for a couple A&E shows.  I’m obviously thrilled with the opportunity to further build my portfolio, to create new relationships and as always I'm super excited about the prospect of being paid to make music.

A couple weeks ago I told you about my newest album “World’s full of tomorrows” and the first video off of the album entitled “Man Oh Man.”  And while I don’t know what kind of album sales I’ve had yet, I do know that I’ve had over 11,500 views for my video “Man oh Man.”  That’s a lot more views than for any other video I’ve made.  Not only that, but Perez Hilton heard it and wrote an amazingly sweet and generous review of it on his site.  This silly little video also raise more than a couple eyebrows in the community.  I heard some rumors that some of you believed that my divorce was caused by the fact that I had finally come out of the closet.  Others of you were questioned whether I was now bisexual.  I want to assure you all, and assuage your considerable anxiety, I still like girls. Mostly.  Haha.  I want to thank those of you that have taken a moment to watch my video and doubly thank those of you that have shared it with your friends.

Today I’d love to share another silly little video that my buddy Adam and I put together entitled “World’s hottest Vodka.”  Now, I do realize that with videos of this sort I do need to provide a disclaimer.  Whilst I am partaking in an alcoholic beverage in this video I am not endorsing this product and I am not endorsing drinking, particularly if you are under 21!  Moreover, I’d like to apologize for dropping the f bomb in this piece.

I hope that while you are enjoying this new video, that you take a moment to subscribe to my youtube page and perhaps check out something else that I’ve created.  

Here’s to all of us following our dreams.  Sam

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