having friends is a beautiful thing
I'm so excited to be showing you the video for the song ManOhMan. This is an honest to god song about having your heart captured by a most beautiful friendship.  I met my "hubby" Adam Colton at the rock climbing gym about a year and a half ago, and he came into my life like a whirlwind. We went camping and rock climbing, we had midnight skates down by the beach where Adam transmitted to me the art of being a long boarding ninja and a slacklining bodhisattva.  During our long evening rides we tirelessly philosophized about the 3 essentials of any man's life;  pooping, eating, and love. It feels a lot like being 13 all over again but without the whole emotional insanity that comes with going through puberty. 

As I shared in my previous newsletter, over the last few years I've really pushed myself through a number of my own self-imposed limitations, and I have really grown tremendously through the new friendships I've developed during this time.  These friends have been amongst biggest supporters of my music and have consistently, selflessly volunteered to help make my potentials the possible. These amazing friends were integral to the creating of this video as well as the album, of which this song is on.  

My snuggle buddies Max Well and Nolan Wang did the cinematography for this video and my special lady friend Sara Mineo edited it.  Also, I would be amis if I did not mention my good friend Alan Hauser, who is not only a rock climbing inspiration for me, but designed the amazing artwork for my album "World's Full of Tomorrows." 

I'm so very grateful to have found my rock climbing, skate boarding, slacklining, outdooring, late-night swinger patronizing, peanut butter smoothie drinking pals.

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