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Here are some highlights from CLEO's PLE Learning Exchange over the past few months.

New report from CLEO

We recently released Evolving Legal Services: Review of Current Literature. This  report was prepared for CLEO by Dr. Melina Buckley as part of the planning phase of our Evolving Legal Services Research Project.

Resource update

Upcoming new resource - the PLE Toolbox

We'll soon be launching Module 1 of our PLE Toolbox - an exciting new resource for legal workers and community intermediaries. We aim to create, gather and share tools, tips and checklists about good public legal education and information (PLE) practices with input from front-line workers.

Thanks to all who answered our call for feedback on Module 1! With your help, this will be a great resource. Subscribe to our blog to get updates on this project and other PLE tips.

Legal health checks

Legal health checks and legal health checklists are tools intended to help people identify and address legal problems. We've compiled a list of legal health check materials from Ontario and elsewhere - you'll find them here.

Check out our latest resources

Our resources pages feature links to tools, guides, articles, reports and more to help you with your PLE work. Anything you've come across that has helped you in your work that you'd like us to add? Contact us.

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Our top three PLExchange blog posts  

  • The wizards of Oz: learnings from Australia
    I had an amazing series of visits with a very enthusiastic group of employees of Victoria Legal Aid - the equivalent of Legal Aid Ontario in the Australian state of Victoria. Read more>>
  • What's in a font?
    Did you know your choice of font could also affect how credible your content seems?  Read more>>
  • PLE by design
    Margaret Hagan, a lawyer and designer based at Stanford University, recently brought colour and life to these clear language design principles – she literally illustrated design tips in her "Visual Design Essentials" graphic. Read more>>

New and notable additions to our research database

Looking for background information for a PLE project, foundational research on reaching people with legal information, or new thinking on current issues in the PLE and access to justice world? Below, you'll see some of the latest additions to our research database - to check out the whole database, click here.

Reshaping legal assistance services: building on the evidence base
This discussion paper provides a comprehensive overview of empirical research on the nature and distribution of legal needs in Australia and other jurisdictions, including Canada.

Face to Face Legal Services and Their Alternatives: Global Lessons from the Digital Revolution
This paper examines whether telephone hotlines and web-based legal information services can succeed in maintaining access to justice.

Legal capability and inaction for legal problems: knowledge, stress and cost
This paper analyzes data from an Australian survey on legal needs to determine which groups of people are less likely to take action in response to legal problems - and why.

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Other resources of note

The How-to's of Plain Language - our 2014 webinars

Plain language is quickly becoming the "new normal" in legal writing: direct, simple and clear. Want to learn or refresh yourself on some practical techniques to help create easy-to-understand information?

Check out the PLE Learning Exchange's webinars: Better legal information: the How-to's of plain language. And if you like that one, you'll love the sequel - which features the "Passive Voice Greatest Hits"!  

Do you have any suggestions on training topics you'd like us to offer? Contact us.

Training materials from Connecting Communities projects

One important outcome of the projects supported by Connecting Communities is sharing learnings and resources at the end of each project’s life cycle. We’ve provided links to materials produced by several of the Connecting Communities - they're organized by general legal topic.

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