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New blog - the PLExchange

We launched our new blog, the PLExchange, earlier this year. The PLExchange is an open forum for ideas and exchange about public legal education and information (PLE) issues, strategies and events. Subscribe to our blog to get PLE updates and tips.

Our top three blog posts

  • Checking up on legal health
    Most of us have faced or will face issues at some point which, if ignored, could result in a legal problem. For example, losing one's job today can quickly lead to debt, repossession of a car or eviction. It's easy to become overwhelmed - especially for people who may feel powerless for any number of reasons. So, how to help people identify and address a legal problem before the problem gets too large to solve? Read more>>
  • Can you count on it?
    My 20-year old son is in the process of entering his first tenancy agreement and has already met with a request from his landlord that violates the law. He’s planning to do a Google search to learn more about tenants’ rights. I asked him how he would assess whether the information he finds is reliable. Read more>>
  • Case in point
    Are you preparing PLE print materials? Consider including stories about people – case studies – to help introduce common legal situations in a way that your audience can identify with. Read more>>

Calling all guest authors!

Is there a PLE project you're working on that you think others would like to hear about? Any burning access to justice issues you'd like to address? Contact Kristina Brousalis to discuss your idea.

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Check out our latest resources

Our resources pages feature links to tools, guides, articles, reports and more to help you with your public legal education and information work. Anything that has helped you in your PLE work that you want us to add? Contact us.

New webinar

Plain language is quickly becoming the "new normal" in legal writing: direct, simple and clear. Want to learn or refresh yourself on some practical techniques to help create easy-to-understand information?

Check out the PLE Learning Exchange's latest webinar,  Better legal information: the How-to's of plain language - the sequel. Missed the "prequel"? Fear not. You can check it out here

Tip sheets

Connecting Communities has released a series of tip sheets. These new resources share learnings related to conducting and evaluating successful training sessions and outreach to community intermediaries.

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New and notable additions to our research database

Looking for background information for a PLE project, foundational research on reaching people with legal information, or new thinking on current issues in the PLE and access to justice world? Visit our research database!


Here are the latest additions to our research database.

Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil & Family Matters: Colloquium Report
This report provides an overview and summary of the key messages resulting from the national Action Committee Colloquium held in early 2014. The Colloquium aimed to share best practices, showcase examples of successful and innovative programs and reforms and begin developing action-oriented access to justice initiatives. 

Encouraging Good Practice in Measuring Effectiveness in the Legal Service Sector
This paper examines issues and approaches to measuring and providing legal services in the context of the work of two community legal centres in Australia. 

Law for Alberta’s Multicultural Communities: Research Report
This report investigates immigrants’ information-seeking behaviours, including when and how information is accessed, and provided recommendations on appropriate formats and sources.

Public legal education evaluation framework
In order to advance PLE policy and practice in the United Kingdom, Law for Life (then Plenet) commissioned this evaluation framework to define legal capability and examine the impact of PLE projects and programs on people’s legal capability. The report also considers options for measuring levels of legal capability.

Solving problems – a strategic approach: Examples, processes & strategies
This paper provides examples of and case-studies on the work of two community legal centres in Australia, with a view to sharing how the two centres integrate casework and broader advocacy work. It stresses the need for a strategic and multi-pronged approach to problem-solving and legal service delivery.

Vulnerable Youth in Alberta and the Law: An Overview of Needs, Challenges and Supports Available
This report summarizes the findings of a two year pilot project on public legal education needs for youth.

We Can See There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel Now – Demonstrating and Ensuring Quality Service to Clients
This paper describes a results-based research project which aimed to measure the quality of legal services provided by an Australian legal aid services provider. 

Training ideas and feedback

The PLE Learning Exchange is planning trainings for Winter 2015. Do you have any suggestions on training topics you'd like us to offer? Contact us.

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