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Here are some highlights from CLEO's PLE Learning Exchange over the past few months.

Launch of our PLE Toolbox

We've created the PLE Toolbox to share tools and resources about good public legal education and information (PLE) practices.

Module 1 of the Toolbox, "How to help your clients", provides tips and checklists on various aspects of finding good legal information.

Stay tuned for Module 2, "Developing print and online content" - it will go live in autumn 2015.


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Our top three PLExchange blog posts  

  • Innovation and access to justice
    A recent paper by Roger Smith provides a snapshot of developments in the digital delivery of legal services in British Columbia, England, Wales, the US and the Netherlands. Read more>>
  • Scarcely getting by
    Behavioural economists have recently found that “raising monetary concerns for the poor… erodes cognitive performance even more than being seriously sleep-deprived”. Read more>>
  • Still looking for the right words?
    Do you prepare public legal education and information materials in writing? Here are some plain language tools that might help you with your work. Read more>>

Health literacy and legal capability - next steps 

We've been invited to the Toronto Clinics Training Conference in October to present our findings about the links between health literacy and legal capability. We hope to kickstart a discussion on how community legal clinics, justice stakeholders, and community intermediaries can work together to incorporate health literacy principles into PLE delivery.

Later this fall, we aim to host some informal discussions on this topic. Interested in participating? Contact us.

New and notable additions to our research database

Looking for research on reaching people with legal information, or new thinking on current issues in PLE and access to justice? Below, you'll see some of the latest additions to our research database. To check out the whole database, click here.

Beyond great expectations: designing relevant, realistic and effective community legal education and information
This report outlines the limits of public legal education and information (PLE) strategies and stresses that PLE should not necessarily be seen as a stand-alone tool to achieve legal empowerment or as a fully effective way to help people prevent legal problems.

Digital delivery of legal services to people on low incomes: summary and recommendations
This report provides a snapshot of developments in digital delivery of legal services in British Columbia, England, Wales, the US and the Netherlands.

Public Legal Education and Information resources in BC: Update 2014
This report provides an overview of PLE resources on civil law topics included on B.C.'s Clicklaw website.

Online legal advice and conflicts support: a Dutch experience
This report evaluates the Dutch website, which provides a mechanism for online interventions in legal conflicts, including a gateway to online dispute resolution.


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Justice at your local library - coming soon?


Library staff in Ontario are ideally placed to serve as key intermediaries in distributing legal information and referrals to library patrons. Public libraries, law libraries and courthouse libraries host dozens or hundreds of people a day, many of whom might be dealing with legal problems

We at the PLE Learning Exchange are pleased to support a libraries and justice partnerships initiative to improve access to legal information and services in Ontario and other jurisdictions. We've created two new webpages to help share information about the project and training materials for library staff: We're also looking forward to a justice innovation event co-sponsored by Community Advocacy & Legal Centre (CALC), the Rural and Remote Access to Justice Project, and CLEO. Library staff and justice professionals are coming together in Toronto on October 29, 2015 to discuss how to best work together to improve access to justice.

For more information about this event, or information on how to register, view the event flyer.


Waiting for our next webinar?

We'll be offering a webinar on delivering PLE training using technology this fall. If you received this digest directly, you'll get advance notice of the webinar date by email this autumn.

Any ideas for training topics you'd like us to host a webinar on? Contact us.

Connecting Communities update

Since our last digest, the Law Foundation of Ontario has funded two new Connecting Communities training projects:

Want to write for us?

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