What’s a Phonathon?

I am captivated by Phonathons.  

As a kid, I would lay on the floor, near the radio, listening to our Christian radio station as Phonathon updates rolled in. This annual event was filled with excitement as caller after caller dialed in between beloved hymns and Gaither songs to make a pledge.

The DJ would interrupt the final bars of the song and announce, “For the next hour, we have a matching gift challenge...a donor will match every gift up to $1000!” The energy happening in “phone central” was palpable!

The Phonathon was such a big thing that it even preempted Focus on the Family’s “Adventures in Odyssey” and Chuck Swindoll’s “Insight for Living.”

Well, Trinity’s Phonathon on September 9-11 won’t have a radio station to tune into, and it’s more than a fundraising event. We genuinely want to speak with our alumni!  

Is there a change of address we don’t know about? What about family changes? May we pray with you? And yes, we will ask our alumni if they would prayerfully consider partnering with Trinity for a special Phonathon gift or monthly support.

I recently had a conversation with a couple whose daughter attended Trinity.  Parents, John and Darla, were unsure that sending their daughter to Trinity was financially possible.  

Darla told me, “I was still saying in my mind, ‘No, this is just too much.’ I was focused on the money more than on anything else. However, during the campus tour, we went into the chapel and I heard the voice of God speak to my heart, ‘Do not worry about the funding. Just send her. I am in control. The funds will be there.’ Miraculously, the funds came - John and I still don’t know how.”

John and Darla Kohler (at left) with Kristie and Gary Bovkoon.

Kristie and Gary serve as Assemblies of God pastors in Elgin, North Dakota.  Kristie is god-parent (and aunt) to John and Darla’s daughter - and had prayed that her niece would find a way to attend Trinity.

Trinity Bible College and Graduate School is committed to reaching the lost by training men and women to be educated with theological reflection and missional passion, in order that people and communities everywhere will hear the good news of Jesus and see his love demonstrated.  

As a College, we are, and will always be, dependent upon the generous financial partnership of God’s people to help us fulfill this critical mission.  

If you are a Trinity alumnus, you have very likely been impacted by God’s provision. You probably have a story very similar to John and Darla’s.  

Give us a call at 1-888-TBC-2DAY. Alumni and friends, we want to hear from you.  

If you receive a call from an Ellendale number first, please take five minutes and have a conversation with one of our student, staff or faculty volunteers. It may not be as exciting as listening to the annual Phonathon on your local Christian Radio station, but you never know! 

Bryan Jacobson

Director, Advancement and Alumni Relations

September 4, 2019

Bryan Jacobson

Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations
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