Still Finding Gold...

The phrase "Find the Gold" is a bit of an anthem around here. We teach students to find the treasure in people and situations - which is often buried in muddy lives and circumstances! I can think of no "muddier" year than 2020!

And yet that line echoes in our spirits, reminding us that heaven's perspective is different than our own. "Holy Spirit, what are you saying about this person or situation?" We pray. We ask. Then we discipline ourselves to act accordingly.

As you can imagine, college students are facing unique challenges this fall. At a time in life that is marked by high energy, thirst for adventure, and non-stop activity, the world threw up a giant stoplight that left the skid marks of a young generation.

Since our school is committed to honoring the safety protocols of our county and state, many students found themselves in at least two weeks of quarantine at some point during the semester. And while quarantine is difficult for anyone, you can imagine the challenges for a high-energy young adult mostly confined to single dorm room!

"Find the Gold"

But even in the midst of this, many of our students emerged from the quarantine "mud pit" with stories of gold and the goodness of God. After the majority had been released, we had a testimony service in Chapel - sharing what God was doing in and through them this year. The stories were astounding! The things the Spirit spoke. The deep lessons on rest and focus. How they turned off Netflix and used the time to seek Jesus. I was both convicted and amazed!

In addition to their personal journeys, our students have also collectively stepped up to the challenge of keeping our community active and productive, while needing to limit their activities off of campus.

They have created new clubs (even a "Grandma's" craft club), organized a church service on the lawn when quarantine required, increased their prayer and worship commitments (they planned a 16 hour prayer and worship day just this week!), and served each other in extraordinary ways (bringing meals to those in quarantine, running errands, doing laundry.)

"Find the Gold"

In the midst of a muddy, muddy year...I see gold. Because our students have dug deep to find it. And we couldn't be more proud.

Twyla Kuntz

November 18, 2020

Twyla Kuntz

Vice President of Student Development
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