The Trinity Board of Trustees 2021

It has been said that you can tell what a person really values by looking at their checkbook and their calendar. 

And it’s really true.

All of us are willing to invest our time and money into the things that we really believe in. 

That’s what I see in each of the members of the Board of Trustees at Trinity. They all have busy lives and careers that place high demands on their time and talents, but they willingly serve Trinity as the Trustees of the college.

They bring their skills and expertise to the table and assist in making difficult decisions and keeping the mission of the college in focus. And they willingly give financially to support the ongoing ministry of the college. Many times we will present a special project only to see these board members reach into their pockets and give special offerings to meet the need.   
They are a quiet and unassuming group that don’t do it for compensation or recognition. They give because they believe in the mission and the vision. It is my privilege to serve on that team. I’m proud of what they do and the important role they play in the life of the college.

Steve Schaible
April 28, 2021

Steve Schaible

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