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During my first visit to campus as a senior in high school, it was clear that Trinity Bible College & Graduate School was committed to training and equipping young leaders to impact the world for Christ. I quickly fell in love with that mission and expected the coming years to bring opportunities for learning, growth through challenges, and a deepening relationship with Christ.

What I never could have expected, however, was the people that God would use to reveal Himself and His calling on my life. Through every experience at Trinity, there have been leaders willing to invest in students. I never anticipated the level of genuine, intentional care these professors and mentors have had for my own life and my relationship with Jesus.

As a member of Pack Your Bags last year traveling to new places and unknown environments, I learned what being empowered by the Holy Spirit truly looked like from the examples of PYB directors.

As an athlete, I have been challenged in discipline and perseverance through the guidance and encouragement of coaching staff.

As a part-time employee in one of the offices on campus, I work with individuals who see deeper than the job and instill wisdom in my life every day.

Finally, as a student, I am blown away every day by professors who care about success not just in the classroom, but in life beyond academics.

When I reflect on all these experiences at Trinity over the past two years, there have been countless classes, trips, and conversations where I have been challenged to grow in a new way. However, the word that has been constant through every experience is family.

These leaders are more than staff and faculty, they have shown me what it looks like to live life as a family and to represent the body of Christ every day. Through every class, every conversation, and every experience, my Trinity journey has been Family. 

With love and blessings,
Shannon Beauchene

May 8, 2019
Shannon Beauchene
Trinity Student 
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