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A Turning Point in Scientology

A special message from Hilarie & Ray Rockl

Dear Vancouver Area Scientologists,
We have just come back from being at Flag over the past 5 days with about 10,000 other Scientologists attending four EPIC events delivered by Chairman of the Board RTC.

I think “WOW… WOW… WOW…” is really the best description of what was presented at this weekend's events.  This parallels the release of Dianetics in 1950 in our history – it changes things forever.  It’s for YOU – and your eternity!

To tell you a summary of the event would just not do it justice, so please arrange to go to the Peretz Centre this weekend – Saturday and Sunday – 6 pm (see address and map at the end of this email).

But here are some highlights:

At the first event COB went over how various LRH discoveries and orders got altered and muddied-up over the years. It is quite a story. The discovery and remedy of which means a much better Bridge for everyone.

The second event was devoted to the training side of the Bridge, the other 50% of the gains available in Scientology.  This will now be available in every org in the world - in 17 languages, thanks to the 1,090 outer-org trainees who have completed the new training courses that comprise the Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

There were so many topics to be covered. The pace was fast and furious, all leading up to a full description of Super Power and the Cause Resurgence Rundown and arrival on the stage of 178 new delivery staff for these rundowns. Oh, and then we were shown a virtual tour of the inside of the new building!

There are lots of new materials being released to help PCs progress up the Bridge: new films, new courses, new lectures, on and on.

These new releases on training shorten the time for everything from the Student Hat to Solo Auditor training.

That is just the appetizer! It just keeps getting better and better!

On Sunday, 17 November, was the Grand Opening of the new Flag building and it was very exciting to be part of all the activity. There must have been 10,000  people in the streets around the building and cheering at the ribbon cutting. The building is unbelievably gorgeous! You will love it when you get a chance to come to Flag to see it and do a service there.

We can guarantee you will leave each event exhilarated and so glad you didn't miss it . There isn't one you will want to miss! You really have to see these events to get the data directly. It just isn't possible to duplicate how big a step this is for our future via this email.

See you all there. You MUST NOT miss these EPIC events. They are going to change the speed of progress up the Bridge and training like nothing ever seen before. I am overwhelmed at the enormity of what this all means for you, me, and all the other beings on this planet -- and beyond.

See you all on Saturday, 23 November, and Sunday, 24 November, at the Peretz Centre at 6:00 P.M.  Call the Vancouver Org at (604) 681-9121 to confirm your attendance.

P.S. You can also welcome our tech trainees back from Flag who have all trained on Golden Age of Tech Phase II!!

Much Love,
Hilarie and Ray Rockl

New OT VIIIs, OT Ambassadors for Vancouver

Peretz Centre for Secular Jewish Culture
6184 Ash St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3G9
(604) 325-1812 ·

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