The Community Media Convergence is an opportunity to meet and collaborate with leading community media makers.

We’re pleased to be supporting the Community Media Convergence

 - a conference for alternative and community media - at Carleton University, Ottawa, November 22-24

The Community Media Convergence brings together practitioners from community radio, TV, online platforms, and video games with a social or local focus. Together they share the purpose of developing better policy for community media, and networking to share skills and build practices for community media in the digital age.

Through the participation of ordinary people and community organizations, and their community-owned not-for-profit structure, community media serve the public in several ways:

* offer a counter-balance to concentrated ownership of corporate media, and to the biases of commercial broadcasting towards ratings-driven programming that primarily serves the needs of advertisers. 

* offer a democratic platform for free speech, including grassroots and local voices not often heard in “conventional” media. 

* can serve smaller populations that would not be attractive to advertising-based media, including rural communities, urban neighbourhoods, and other marginalized groups and voices in urban centres. 

* can generate a greater variety of programming, with more openness to experimentation rather than standardized formulas.

* can offer opportunities to their volunteers for training and practice in media production.

In all these ways, community media help to democratize both the media system, and the broader society. Yet despite their legal recognition, they are significantly under-resourced and are often facing the challenges of transitioning to a digital environment. The Community Media Convergence works to bring together voices from the alternative media community to address these challenges and collaborate on solutions.

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