Hey there,
I want to start something new, do you want to join me?
But before I tell you all about it, maybe I should give you some context:

This last couple of years has been... well we all know how its been.  I love what I get to do each and every day and count myself extremely fortunate that I carved out this life. But the rug has been pulled out from all of us a little (or a lot) with what we thought these years were going to look like as exhibitions and commissions (and lets be real, income) has disappeared.  I've been using the time to sit and consider what I want more of and how I can stretch myself.  Despite my introvert self i've actually really missed the connection with people and things. I think and consider the world with my hands and so to have that whole way of connecting removed as we all moved online was a big loss.

I want to change how I communicate my work; my website will remain the same (although I have been slowly updating that also) but I want to try out ways to connect more, to make small editions that are for sale, offer workshops, do more studio demos (Other ideas gratefully received!) and to use these newsletters as bi-monthly place to share updates and news as well as Tool Stories, but importantly to keep them light and short.

Introducing project specific follow-alongs:
I am adding in a second way to keep in touch also (see below) for deeper project insights. This is actually something I have been doing already for project partners but I wanted to extend the invitation out to all.

Each one will be a standalone offer and so you could sign-up every time, never, or only to one. It's completely in your hands and will probably most appeal if you are local to the project, have a particular interest in the subject, want to know more about how I work or to learn more about a specific technique I use. If you'd like to sign up to the first one then scroll down for info.

Other news
-A new iteration of Bench Repair Project is currently touring in We are Commoners Exhibition  

-My work was selected for the International KOGEI Award. Toyama, Japan

-I am so happy to have been commissioned to write a text for Yellowfields Publication where I wrote 'Acts of Care: A Manifesto'

-I've been very wood focused these last few months. Because I can't mix the two materials🔥 my metal shop has been mostly packed away except a small corner. I tend to work in phases as the tools don't really mix that well with each other. This summer the studio will flip back to metal and I'm so excited as I've so many things to be working on - join on Instagram if you want to see the switching chaos!

-I'm currently working on a huge project which I hope to be able to share details of in the October mail as I'm currently not allowed :) 

Have a fabulous summer,

We are Commoners exhibition - Craftspace, currently touring.
Image credit: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd

New Project specific follow-alongs
Acts of Care: Bench Repair Project had its first iteration in 2009 in Portugal for UK pavilion at EXD Biennial commissioned by British Council & Clare Cumberlidge, and nominated for Design of the Year.  Last year I was commissioned by Craftspace to create a new iteration and I split it into two parts: work for exhibition and work for public space. The exhibition work is finished and I'm so pleased with it. It's currently touring the UK (dates below) and so if you'd like to see it please do.

The second part is to make new inlayed slats for some benches in Bristol which I currently working on. If you'd like to follow along with a weekly update for the next 6 weeks or so as I map Bristol's benches for repairs, design the new inlays, make the materials and show how I inlay, and have constant backwards & forwards 
with the council as I try and get permission to install them in the park (I might save you from this bit!) then please do sign up. No-one is auto subscribed as it is a separate add-on  (& of course you are free to unsubscribe at any point.)
Header image: Acts of Care: Bench Repair Project Linda Brothwell
Project commissioned by British Council & Clare Cumberlidge for EXD Biennial
Image Credit: Bridget Smith
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