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Newsletter Nº5 - December 2013

                                               Future Classroom Lab

Launch of the European Schoolnet Academy
European Schoolnet has recently announced the launch of the European Schoolnet Academy. The Academy is the first European online course platform delivering innovative learning solutions and free online professional development for teachers. The Academy will use and build on the training resources coming from the Future Classroom Lab and it will help us reach a much wider audience. The European Schoolnet Academy is the first MOOC (massive open online course) platform developed specifically for teachers in Europe.  Registration is now open on the first two courses. Read more here

Norwegian Minister explores technology enhanced learning in the Future Classroom Lab
Brainstorming with learner response devices, visualisations through 3D technology and data loggers for science lessons were some of the technologies explored by the Norwegian Minister of Education and Research, Mr. Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, who visited the Future Classroom Lab on Monday 25th November during his visit to Brussels. Read more here

Innovation in education - interviews with Patricia Manson and Kristen Weatherby
Two new interviews have been added to the Future Classroom Lab series: Patricia Manson, Head of Unit for Inclusion, Skills & Youth at the European Commission's DG Connect, talks about open educational resources and personalisation of learning; Kristen Weatherby, Senior Analyst on the OECD's TALIS project, speaks on emerging trends in teaching and learning, such as Bring Your Own Device and the use of social media in education. See more interviews here

Designing the future classroom - Mainstreaming the results of the iTEC project
iTEC, a flagship four-year EC-funded project involving 14 Ministries of Education, has doubled its original target by now involving over 2000 classes across Europe in its future classroom pilots. The project evaluation is also showing an extremely positive impact on students’ knowledge, skills and understanding, and a beneficial effect on teachers, especially on their technology-supported pedagogy, digital competence, and motivation. Read more here

CPDLab: teacher training course material published 
European Schoolnet together its partners has developed three courses for secondary level teachers’ professional development in the digital age. The contents of the modular courses are now all complete and offered free of charge to be used by teacher training organisations and other training providers. Read more here

New sponsors and successful training courses
During the past months the Future Classroom Lab has provided a platform for various training activities, gained new sponsors (Corinth and Time to Know) and new equipment to demonstrate innovative practices to teachers and policy makers. Read more here

                                        Living Schools Lab project
New articles - ICT-supported social learning in Finland and school leadership in Belgium
For more than a decade, Wäinö Aaltonen School in Finland has fully embraced ICT in teaching and learning, and is focusing now in the development of two key areas: media tutoring and social learning. In the second article, with focus on leadership at school, two Belgium schools tell how they are leading their schools to innovation.

Hungry for 'learning snacks' on innovative practice? See our offer and sign up now!
The Living Schools Lab provides a variety of short learning events, open to all teachers. Called “learning snacks”, these are delivered by teachers sharing their innovative practice and encouraging other teachers to develop their own practice. These short learning events, "snacks" can be short Twitter discussions, practitioner-led webinars looking at collaborative learning using the cloud, or topic-specific webinars such as the use of 1:1 devices. Find the snacks here and sign up!

Find new ideas to try in your classroom!
What do have in common active learning, stop motion, webquest, learning labs, interactive textbooks and three kangaroos? Answer: our observer, Diana Bannister, has come across with all of them during her observation visits in eight countries so far. By reading her blog you can discover fascinating and unique insights into what is happening in these schools that she visits, with questions and ideas to try in your own school. Discover more here

Interview with LSL project partners
Three LSL project partners from Lithuania, Cyprus and Belgium share their views on the project and tell how the project is progressing in their countries.
Watch the interviews here

                                              Creative Classrooms Lab project
NEC is the first CCL Associate Partner 
In the Creative Classrooms Lab project, ICT vendors and other interested stakeholders can participate in the project at their own expense as unfunded Associate Partners. The first Associate Partner to start working with Ministries of Education and schools in the project is NEC. Read more here

Interviews with CCL Lead Teachers
The Lead Teachers from Belgium, UK and the Czech Republic share their thoughts on the Creative Classrooms Lab project during the scenario development workshop in June 2013. Read more here

First Learning Stories published and put in practice in 45 classrooms 
The project's first Learning Stories and teachers' lesson plans have been published. Using the lesson plans, the 45 CCL teachers are now implementing their classroom pilots. Tablets are used for example to create language learning e-portfolios in German classes in Slovenia, to make Latin classes more interactive in Belgium Wallonia and to teach all the subjects in grade 8 using the Flipped Classroom model in Portugal. Discover the scenarios and lesson plans on the website and find more examples of CCL pilots in the teachers' blog.

Sharing early achievements and setting goals for using tablets in school
What are the benefits and disadvantages of tablets in comparison with netbooks and mobile computers? How can we ensure staff training and development to best support teaching and learning? Will our pupils act responsibly towards using their tablets at school and at home? Is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) really practicable in primary or secondary school? These are some of the key questions the teachers set to themselves in the first blog post they were asked to write. Read more here

Upcoming events

  • LSL webinar: Link Observation Visits, first lessons learnt, 17 Jan 2014
  • LSL webinar: Continuing Professional Development, 30 Jan 2014
  • International Safer Internet Day (SID), 11 Feb 2014
  • FCL Course: Future Classroom – adapting pedagogical practice, Feb & Mar 2014
  • EUN Academy course starts: Future Classroom Scenarios, March 2014
  • EUN Academy course starts: Engaging STEM teaching, March 2014

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