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Newsletter Nº9 - July 2015

Highlight: Creative Classrooms Lab
Innovative teaching and learning with tablets

Creative Classrooms Lab projectThe 2-year Creative Classrooms Lab project (CCL) brought together teachers and policy-makers in eight countries to design, implement and evaluate 1:1 tablet scenarios in 45 schools. The project produced learning scenarios and activities, guidelines and recommendations to help policy-makers and schools to take informed decisions on optimal strategies for implementing 1:1 initiatives in schools and for the effective integration of tablets into teaching and learning. The project’s main results are: Explore more CCL resources including webinars, learning scenarios, interviews and blogs at the website!

The Future Classroom Lab Directory includes resources for teachers including classroom practice videos, Learning Activities, Future Classroom Scenarios and publications (reports and guidelines). These resources have been created in different European Schoolnet projects including iTEC, Living Schools Lab, Creative Classrooms Lab and by the Interactive Classroom Working Group. Enter the Directory here

A number of exciting teacher training courses are taking place at the Future Classroom Lab this and the next year! See the training offer on the website and don’t forget about the free online courses offered through the European Schoolnet Academy.

The Future Classroom Toolkit is a collection of tools, guidance and other resources for designing future classroom scenarios, and using them to bring advanced and innovative learning and teaching to everyone’s classroom. The toolkit is now available in seven languages: EN, FR, ES, IT, DE, PT and NO. Start using the toolkit here

The Future Classroom Lab has inspired several teachers, schools and organisations to create their own flexible "learning labs". Also, other independent, similar initiatives have shown interest to link up with FCL to develop their concept and exchange ideas. The FCL Network of Learning Labs is a platform to bring together these initiatives to share best practices and interesting ideas but also challenges! Read more at the FCL website

In 2014, we launched a pan-European network of Future Classroom Ambassadors. The Ambassadors help to leverage the results of EUN projects like iTEC, Living Schools Lab, and Creative Classrooms Lab, as well as future projects that will run under the general umbrella of the Future Classroom Lab. Read more and meet the ambassadors here

Seven new videos showcasing innovative pedagogical practice in European classrooms have been published. The videos have been created by the Interactive Classroom Working Group that launched the classroom practice series last year with four videos. Discover the videos here

A study on school ICT administrators is published! European Schoolnet and Cisco release the first ever report exploring the context, duties, challenges and training needs of ICT Administrators in schools. This report is intended to raise awareness of the challenges and needs of this community of school IT Administrators, and to initiate a dialogue amongst public and private sector organizations to find solutions. Read more here

Find out the Future Classroom Lab partners on our website! Over 30 industry partners are supporting us currently by providing their educational technologies and professional development opportunities for teachers. See all the FCL partners here and discover their solutions for your classroom!

Two new courses starting in September!
The European Schoolnet Academy will launch two new courses in September. The courses are aimed at teachers keen to develop their professional competences.                    

Developing Digital Skills in your Classroom - Starts on 14 September, duration 7 weeks
Digital skills are already an essential requirement for young people to succeed in an increasingly digitized society. Sign up for our new  and get introduced to a wealth of tools and resources to support your students develop digital skills. At the end of the course you will be able to design lessons that focus on a range of digital skills. Read more and sign up here!

How to assess your Technology Enhanced Teaching Competence - Starts on 27 September, duration 5 weeks
Interested in learning what Technology Enhanced Teaching (TET) competence is, how much you have of it, and how to develop more? Then this course is for you! The course will last 5 weeks and mainly targets teachers, but is also of relevance to head teachers and policy makers working in this area. We will look at how TET competence is currently defined in national and international frameworks, and how certain countries are using online assessment tools to monitor this. Read more here

Upcoming events

  • A new MOOC starts "Developing Digital Skills in your Classroom", 14 September
  • Hackathon Pédagogique @FCL, 16 September
  • Chromebook pilot 2nd Workshop, 21-22 September, Brussels
  • FCL workshop: Collaborative Schools Development, 24-25 Sep, Brussels
  • ENABLE Hackathon, Submission closes on 27 September
  • A new MOOC starts "How to assess your Technology Enhanced Teaching Competence", 27 September
  • FCL Ambassadors' workshop, 28-29 September, Tallinn
  • FCL workshop: Future Classroom Scenarios, 5-6 October, Brussels
  • FCL workshop: Programming for the 21st century classroom, 19-23 October, Brussels
  • eSkills for Jobs 2015 European Video Competition, deadline 31 October
Find more events here
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