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Future Classroom Lab newsletter
Newsletter Nº6 - March 2014

                                               Future Classroom Lab

Teacher training courses for schools – Erasmus+ funding application open until 17 March 2014
Discover the 5-day teacher training courses to be organised in the Future Classroom Lab in 2014-2015! All the Future Classroom Lab courses offered focus on developing innovative pedagogical practice through the integration of technology in teaching and learning. Funding for schools is available through the Erasmus+ programme (Key Action 1); the application deadline is 17 March. Read more here

Join European Schoolnet online courses on STEM and innovative teaching in March
The two pilot courses of the European Schoolnet Academy are now starting: the "Innovative Practices for Engaging STEM Teaching" course launches on 17 March, and the "Future Classroom Scenarios" course starts on 24 March. The European Schoolnet Academy is an online platform for professional development of teachers in Europe hosting free-of-charge courses from European funded projects, Ministries of Education and other organisations offering training to teachers. Read more and register here. If you are interested in hosting a course on the Academy, please contact Benjamin Hertz.

Can you imagine the classroom of 2025?
What will schools, classrooms and learning look like in 2025? Discover in this video clip what education experts, policy-makers, teachers, and students have to say about it. Read more here 

FCL goes Facebook
The Future Classroom Lab has launched its own Facebook page which includes updates, news, and information on new and upcoming events, workshops and other training opportunities. The page will also provide information on the Future Classroom Scenarios online course organised by the European Schoolnet Academy. Click to go to our Facebook page

Looking for CPD for teachers? See our training calendar!
European Schoolnet runs every year about 50 projects many of which include a great number of teacher training opportunities, both face-to-face and online. To discover more about these training opportunities and how to get involved in these projects, see our updated training calendar. Read more here 

New equipment in the Future Classroom Lab
With increasing number of tablets in schools, it is vital to think about effective storage, charging and syncing solutions. Leba Innovations, as a new FCL partner, has equipped the FCL with lockers, trolleys and suitcases that offer safe storage, charging and syncing capabilities. Moreover, the power of video has long been recognised as powerful medium for teaching young people but increasingly video is also seen as an effective tool for professional development of teachers. With Iris Connect’s camera and coaching systems now available in the FCL this hugely exciting theme can now be explored during tours and workshops. See all the FCL partners here

Engaging programming for the future classrooms
The Future Classroom Lab and the Flemish Ministry of Education hosted a workshop for policy makers and curriculum developers on the topic of computer science in the curriculum on 24 February. The workshop was supported by the Future Classroom Lab partners Lego Education and Oracle, offering the participants hands-on introductions to effective tools for teaching computer science and primary and secondary level. Read more here 


                                        Living Schools Lab project
Join the Living Schools Lab network
The invitation is now OPEN for any schools and teachers to join the Living Schools Lab network dedicated to developing a whole school approach to the integration of ICT in teaching and learning. Find out more on the network and its benefits to schools and teachers here.

Mainstreaming successful use of ICT in schools - Initial findings of the observation visits
What is needed to embed ICT into teaching and learning across the school? What role are playing innovation and change management? What the infrastructure should be like? How to support teachers' professional development? These are some of the questions dealt within the Living Schools Lab project that works with schools that are successfully using ICT across the school or partially. The interim findings based on observation visits, interviews, and focus group meetings with teachers and school leaders from 6 different countries were explained in a recent webinar. Read more here

Get ideas for your teaching practice from the LSL Learning Snacks
The LSL Learning Snacks are short, practical online learning events delivered by teachers for teachers. You can either attend the event live and take part in the discussion as well, or catch up later by listening to the recording. Why not take part in a Twitter discussion with your colleagues – everyone is most welcome and there is instructions to help those new to Twitter. Read more here 
                                              Creative Classrooms Lab project
European Peer Exchange on the use of tablets 
On 6-7 March, 23 teachers met for the first time face-to-face during a two-day workshop in Brussels to exchange about their use of tablets and the CCL learning scenarios in class. The teachers will continue sharing their practices in the Facebook group set-up by the Creative Classrooms Lab project. The group is open also to anyone else interested in the innovative use of tablets. Join the Facebook group here

Videos: What can you do with tablets in a classroom?
How are tablets being used to teach maths in a flipped classroom? What kind of houses are 7-year olds designing with their tablets? How can tablets be used for storytelling? Are tablets adequate tools in a science lab? Discover these and many other topics in the videos presenting work done within some of the Creative Classrooms Lab schools. New videos will be added periodically. See the videos here

Socrative, GeoGebra and Nearpod are CCL teachers’ favorite apps 

With six CCL teachers recommending it, Socrative is the CCL teachers’ favorite app. Next on the list are GeoGebra and Nearpod that are each recommended by five teachers in their second blog entry. The app Edmodo is also mentioned by four teachers. Geogebra is a useful tool for teaching match while the other apps all support classroom management and assessment of students. Read more here


Upcoming events

  • FCL Course: Future Classroom – adapting pedagogical practice, 17-21 Mar 2014, Brussels
  • EUN Academy course starts: Engaging STEM teaching, 17 March 2014
  • EUN Academy course starts: Future Classroom Scenarios, 24 March 2014
  • LSL Webinar: (Virtual) Learning Environments, 27 March 2014
  • Webinar: Eduvista - Future Classroom Toolkit, 2 April 2014
  • LSL seminar on school validation projects, 7 May 2014, Brussels
  • LSL Summer School, 16-18 May 2014, Dublin
Find more events here
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