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Newsletter Nº3 - June 2013

                                               Future Classroom Lab

A new Future Classroom Lab Interview with Bob Fryer
Professor R.H. (Bob) Fryer CBE, Chair of the UK's Campaign for Learning, and founding Chief Executive of the NHS University, and chaired the National Advisory Group for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning, speaks on how we can make use of social media to improve e-Learning.
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Enhanced online training and workshops through lecture vision and new sponsors
‘Lecture vision’ is a form of video that can be delivered as live streaming, as well as archived for on-demand viewing. Future Classroom Lab’s new sponsor, Cisco, will help to integrate the Cisco Lecture Vision solution into the online training courses and workshops to be held in the lab.
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Other new sponsors are Cronos, a Belgium-based international company specialised in technical expertise and ICT and business solutions; and NEC, a multinational provider of IT services and products, who brings to the Lab an interactive whiteboard tablet solution. See all the industry partners here.

Major European-wide study published: ICT in education
The objective of the Survey of Schools: ICT in Education was to benchmark progress in 31 countries in ICT in education by surveying students, head teachers and teachers on the availability and use, including opinions and attitudes, of ICT in schools. Read more here

Workshop for teachers: application open until 30 June
The iTEC project is inviting teachers to a two-day interactive workshop that will take place 27-28 August in Brussels at the Future Classroom Lab. This hands-on workshop will help teachers to adopt new classroom practices and to acquire an understanding of significant developments in education in Europe. Read more here

Flemish and Dutch eTwinning ambassadors worked together in the FCL
The workshop resulted in development of a few learning activities with emphasis on students’ high quality collaboration and on diverse ways of formative assessment, reflection and feedback.
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Industry partners' day at the Future Classroom Lab
European Schoolnet welcomed the Future Classroom Lab industry partners to a two-day workshop on 15-16 May 2013, to share the of the results of the "Survey of Schools: ICT in Education" and raise awareness of the umbrella projects closely linked to the FCL. Read more here


The CPDLab courses are about to start!
More than a year-long preparation is about to culminate in three courses that will be delivered in the Future Classroom Lab this summer. A total of 58 teachers will take part in the three CPDLab courses: eSafety, Interactive Whiteboards and Future Classroom Scenarios. Follow-up the courses on the project website.

CPDLab event presents opportunies to regions
Over 35 participants representing regions, teacher training organisations and other educational stakeholders joined our event "Education in Europe - Creating the future classroom" on 28 May in Brussels. The event was organised to inform European regional representations on the activities European Schoolnet carries out and on how regional authorities and their teachers can get involved.
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EUN's first Briefing Paper features CPDLab
European Schoolnet has set-up an "Observatory" and as a part of it a monthly publication of "Briefing Paper". The Briefing Papers aim to present the findings of the Survey of Schools: ICT in Education on a specific topic and to relate them to the results of European Schoolnet projects on the topic. The first issue focuses on 'teacher effect' on the use of ICT in the classroom and features the CPDLab project.
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Join our webinars - Associate partnership opportunities
A series of open webinars will be held in September 2013 for people interested in learning more about the courses developed within the project. The webinars can be particularly useful for teachers trainers, their organisations, teacher associations and local authorities concerned about their teachers’ professional development. The webinar participants will also learn how to benefit of project’s associate partner opportunities. Read more here

New CPDLab course “Future Classroom – adapting pedagogical practice”
A new CPDLab course “Future Classroom – adapting pedagogical practice” has been published in the Comenius in-service training database (ref: BE-2014-296-003). The course is aimed for secondary school teachers and will provide a very practical workshop-based experience to help teachers adapt their current pedagogical practice, and learn new tools and skills. The course will take place in two sessions in February and March 2014. Read more here

                                        Living Schools Lab project
ICT audit of Living Schools Lab network
An early task for the Living Schools Lab schools and teachers was to complete a short online survey. First results show that, unsurprisingly, participants are heavy users of ICT, very positive about its value, and involved in innovation, for example 1:1 computing, online communication with parents, and assessment.
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School observation visits start in June
During the course of the project, the University of Wolverhampton will carry out observation visits to each of the Advanced Schools. The purpose of the observation is to document innovative practice in schools and collate evidence which will help to inform future work. The first visits will take place in UK schools in June. Read more here

Development of the Living Schools Lab validation service started

The development of the Living Schools Lab validation methodology has started by identifying the requirements and expectations of the LSL schools, ICT vendors and European Commission (EC) funded research projects. The validation methodology will provide a baseline for these same stakeholders to benefit from testing new technologies or pedagogical practices in schools. Read more here

Regional hubs - supporting collaborative learning with tablets in France
Schools from across Europe have been meeting together to share practice in regional hubs, organised by their LSL National Coordinators. In France the local hub “Académie de Poitiers” is formed by schools sharing their different practice around the use of touchscreen tablets. The schools have decided to join their experiences and explore together a theme of ‘collaborative learning’ and in particular, looking at the question ‘How can touchscreen tablets support collaborative learning?’. Read more here

New website
A few weeks ago the Living Schools Lab website got a new website design! Have a look at it here.

                                              Creative Classrooms Lab project
Selection of the Creative Classrooms Lab pilot teachers almost completed
The selection of the schools and teachers who will be testing the pedagogical scenarios for tablets in the next school year has been almost completed. In total 45 teachers from 9 countries will enhance teaching and learning with tablets with the help of the innovative scenarios developed by the Creative Classrooms Lab project. Read more here

Identifying policy challenges of tablet initiatives in schools
The project's 1st Mainstreaming Workshop took place on 21 May 2013 in Brussels and it defined national policy challenges (concrete policy concerns) related to 1:1 tablet integration and considered possible approaches (measures) to remove existing barriers to further encourage the innovative use and wider uptake of ICT. Read more here

Developing pedagogical scenarios for creative tablet pilots
One of the corner stones of the Creative Classrooms Lab project are the pedagogical scenarios that the teachers will implement within their class. In preparation for the pilots, the scenario development started during the 1st policy makers workshop (21 May 2013) and continued in the Scenario Development workshop involving the project partners and national lead teachers. Read more here

Upcoming events

  • CPDLab course: eSafety, 24-28 June 2013, Brussels
  • CPDLab course: Interactive Whiteboards, 1-5 July 2013, Brussels
  • CPDLab course: Future Classroom Scenarios, 7-12 July 2013, Brussels
  • iTEC Teacher Workshop: 27-28 August 2013, Brussels (application until 30 June)

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