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Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week. 

With the US presidential election coming to a conclusion, I predict one more week of malaise and then productivity getting back to normal, once everyone sees that the world didn't end. 

In this issue, perspective:

- Techniques for FIT
- Being Human
- Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Practice non-judgement. Like when you see a car slightly double parked in a busy lot. Before calling them a jerk, consider that when they arrived, maybe that's how the lot was arranged.
  • If you get some strong negative feedback, treat it like stale milk. Dump it and start over. If it keeps coming, there may be something wrong with the fridge. 
  • Take it under consideration. When challenged with information don't take it as a personal commentary on you. Take it under consideration and be willing to change your position. 
  • No one's shooting at you. If outcomes aren't what you expected, it's not life or death. Learn from the experience and try again.

Being Human -I is for Individual Strengths

What the hell is FIT again?

As I mentioned last week, it's time to revisit the concept of F.I.T., which is shorthand for a process that ensures sales and marketing practices delight your people. It's opposite, practices that infuriate your people, is guaranteed to lose, so we focus on delighting your people by finding their natural fit. Let's continue. 

FIT Venn Diagram

I is for Individual Strengths. 

In the giant book of acronyms, it's mandated that every acronym have at least one letter that is a stretch. For FIT, it's the I, which stands for Individual Strengths. Technically it stands for self-identified individual strengths, so it meets the mandate. 

This one can get confusing, but it's really straightforward. Human beings only do the things we want to do. It's a universal truth. Quit fighting it. Teach your managers to go with it. But make sure they know one other universal truth: Human beings are happiest when we are applying our strengths to an outcome. Even more universal, humans are happiest when we're applying our self-identified strengths. 

If your managers aren't focused on getting your people to apply their self-identified strengths, they have to learn other ways to communicate and lose power in the process. If they don't understand their people, how can they influence them? 

Let me give you an example of the importance of strengths being self-identified. In high school basketball, I played guard. The way our offense worked, that required me to shoot jumpers from the top of the arc. I hated it. I wanted to post up on the block and in games, that's where you'd find me. Passing up the shots I was supposed to take and trying to get inside. Objectively, my inside game was not the best, however, it's where I thought my strengths were and as memory goes, it's the only place I contributed consistently. When I wasn't on the bench. 

I didn't hate basketball, but it's not where my self-identified strengths were put to use. Make no mistake, I was happy to be on the team and went along with it, but I could have contributed more. All it would have taken is a few questions and some brainstorming. That feeling is what drives your people to either apathetic sub-par results on one side, or unhappy stress with better results on the other. The contrast is applying strengths because it provides consistent results from modest effort.


Over time that adds up to impressive growth.    

Teach your managers how to find their people's self-identified strengths. Communicating and aiming those strengths toward the Focus is how you find sales and marketing practices that delight your people. Even the most sales resistant ones. If they get to use their perceived strengths, they're more willing to contribute to sales.

I is for Individual Strengths. Simple, but not easy. 

Next time you hear someone exclaim, "How many times do I have to tell them?" think of Individual Strengths. Managers that meet their employees where they are, get more done, in less time, with less pushback. That's tapping into your company's I. 

Random Stuff

I'd have to sell how many?

As yinteresting imageou may know, last year I self-published my first novel, The Legend of Mad Gringo. It was a kickstarter campaign and it ended with me taking a week off and mailing hundreds of tshirt/tropical shirt/book combinations. 

I ended up with about 100 extra copies and handed them out here and there. Selling a few along the way. 

Fast forward to this summer and I'm in The Bookworm, an independent book store in Omaha. "Hey," I say, "how do I get my book into your local author section?" 

"Bring it in."

I am in their bookstore with 10 copies. A little nervous. 

"Here's the standard consignment agreement, 60 for you, 40 for the store," she says. 

"Oh, I figured you'd just keep it all. If it sells, you can buy some from me."

"Don't do that," she says, "you have to make some money."

Good point I think, and walk out the door. 

Later, I'm telling Laura about the exchange. She's interested, "Well, how much will you get?" 

"Let's see," I say, pulling out a calculator. "$15.95 times .6 is . . .$9.57 a book. . . times 10 is, $100!"

We both look at each other and remember that I'm bad at retail.

"Minus the $3.50 I paid for the book. . .and the shipping. . . and they probably won't all sell," I punch the remaining info into the calculator.

"Forget I said anything."

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