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Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week. 

In this issue: 

- Techniques for FIT
- Being Human
- Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • What has happened, will happen. Imagine what you'll do next time. 
  • Say it out loud. It's the easiest way to improve your writing. 
  • Preparation is hard. It's one thing to make bunches of 3x5 cards, another to review them once a day. 
  • Chances are the strategy was perfect on paper. Company culture can beat down goals when they smush together. Manage that. 

Being Human - Expectation 

Frustrations are born of expectations


I've been ruminating on this question: where do feelings of frustration originate? Why is it that I can stand in line one day without my blood pressure ticking up, but on another a long line makes me want to jump in front of a bus? Why do I get upset when my team loses? Why do month end results leave a manager shaking her head?

Feeling frustrated is the opposite of what I want. I want to be happy. Where does frustration come from?

It's rooted in expectations. When expectations aren't met, frustration results. That must mean that I should just temper my expectations, right?

"But Greg," the voice says, "we need expectations. Expectations inspire us to perform at a higher level." 

Maybe the answer, then, is in expectations and frustration working together. In China, our tour guides pointed out numerous examples of the Yin and the Yang, when two opposite but complimentary forces are needed to give rise to the whole. "You see," says Kevin the guide, "each meal is balanced with protein and vegetable. You need both for good health." 

To experience happiness, you need to experience frustration. "If you don't eat your meat, how can you have any pudding?" Maybe that's all it is, and I've known it since seventh grade. Thank you, Pink Floyd.

Random Stuff

Random: an article and the magic of laughter

My latest article in InsightfulAccountant: Building the Firm of the Future

Last night I watched four hours of Don Rickles clips on YouTube. The man was funny. About 3 and a half hours in, my lovely bride comes in from teaching a night course. She's tired, she's hungry, it's cold, and I'm parked in front of the tube. She wasn't smiling. 

As she drops her giant shoulder bag on to the floor, I ask how her day was. She lets out a big sigh and before she gets into her story, she notices who it is on the TV. David Steinberg is interviewing Jerry Seinfeld and Don Rickles. She stops, listens for a minute, starts laughing and sits next to me. Within minutes, the dark cloud she walked in under has blown away and she's beaming. Still hungry, still tired, but happy. 

Laughter is magic. 

Don Rickles and Jerry Seinfeld on Inside Comedy. Rickles story and clip from Reagan's Second Inauguration around 14:00 kills me. 

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