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Another edition of quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week. 

In this issue:

- Techniques for FIT
- Being Human
- Random Stuff
- An published article

Techniques for FIT

  • Develop your next best employee on someone else's dime. 
  • There are times to lead with your ego, and one is ". . .and why are you the best person for. . .?"
  • You hear "perception is reality" all the time. Especially in sales. Just remember this, your prospect is not thinking of you. They're thinking of themselves and what they need to get done.
  • You'll get further meeting someone where they are and moving forward than you will wishing they were better. 

Being Human - Change

Change is a component of most projects. It sounds like, "We can't continue doing this, it's not working," or "I know what got us here, but I can't see it working in the future." 

Hiding in the weeds of language is the idea, something has to change

Consider this when thinking about the changes you want in your organization.

Occam's Razor, a problem solving principle is paraphrased as, "the explanation requiring the fewest assumptions is most likely to be correct." Similarly, Aristotle suggests, "nature operates in the shortest way possible." Both of these principles suggest the surest path to change is the straightest path taken. 

The key word being "taken." 

Encourage the change you want by taking the straightest path. Today.

Random Stuff

When will this shift end?

I have a short haired border collie mix named Wilson. 

He's always on the job. Literally. He watches over our little yard, keeping it free from birds, squirrels, and the occasional rabbit. 

Lately, all the kids are home and the routine is a little off. Especially when it comes to breaks. See, I have to occasionally relieve him of his "duties" every once in a while and let him rest in the kennel or he gets a little, well, wound up. 

Yesterday, was an especially busy day with family members in and out of the house non-stop. Around 10:30pm a few of us ended up in the living room, and someone said, "where's the dog?"

I opened the back door and he was doing his job. Patrolling the perimeter. I call him and he comes sprinting up to the house. Whining, jumping, and as our youngest used to say, "all wild up." 

Once we settled down into a comforting belly rub, he looked at me and I swear he said, "I'm not complaining, but that was a really long shift, man."


Article in AccountingToday

I have an article published in AccountingToday titled, "3 Business Development Practices That Will Surface Hidden Talent." You can read it here:

Long time readers will recognize the concepts which are baked into my book, "The Human Being's Guide to Sales Growth: Grow your business twice as fast, with half the effort, in ways your people will actually enjoy, using sales and marketing practices that fit." (how's that for a subtitle?!?)

Please share the article with accounting firms, law firms, engineering firms. . .basically, share it with anyone who owns, or runs, or wants to run a firm. It will help them. 

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