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Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week. 

In this issue:

- Techniques for FIT
- Being Human
- Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Finish your next week on paper before starting on Monday. The week will be incredibly productive. 
  • Use your extra free time to hand-write a dozen random notes to friends. I just received one and I can't stop smiling. 
  • Create a handy year-at-a-glace calendar for 2017. It's incredibly helpful to see the monthly flow of vacation days, events, and holidays as you're making plans.
  • One more thing for next week. Ignore the small stuff. 

Being Human - Dumber

Remind your managers to pause before helping their people

"Speed is the ultimate weapon," the speaker on stage breathlessly proclaims. I agree. Speed is an advantage. First to market, first to adopt, first to respond, etc. 

That said, when it comes to management, speed makes your people dumber. Believe me, I know. 

Are you familiar with the Transition Curve? 
Transition Curve

When you're transitioning your people to a new and better tomorrow, progress is bound to dip at first as your people shed the shackles of the past on their way to growth. This pattern happens in school, in athletics, and in daily life as well. Any time we take on a new skill or learn a new lesson, we're excited at first, see some immediate progress, then we take what I call, "the plunge," into confusion, resentment, and withdrawal. We hang our there a while before finally latching on to hope, exploring new ways, and confidently enter our better tomorrow. 

There's more too it, of course, there's conscious competence, unconscious incompetence, etc, but in general, transitioning from one state into a future state follows the curve. 

Knowing this, and knowing how painful "the plunge" was for me, when promoted to management, I set out to eliminate the curve for my people. To speed up the learning process. Bring tomorrow to today. 

How, you ask?

Simple. I told my people everything they needed to know. I was great at answering all of their questions, solving most of their problems, and eliminating all uncertainty, doubt, and fear. 

My shortcut

It wasn't long before I felt overworked, stressed out, and miserable. Even worse, I made my people dumber. 

Here's the thing. Remind your managers that their people need to wallow in the depths of despair. Just a little. They need to fight through the urge to bail out and find their way to tomorrow. 

the transition curve respected

The fastest path to smarter, self-directed, and engaged employees is by monitoring their energy levels and helping them wallow in their filth just long enough to get a taste of failure. Then pull them out. 

Your managers need to pause before making decisions for their people. 

The next time you see a manager jumping up to take care of a problem that's escalating, remind them that sometimes, the fastest way to speed up results, is to slow down. They'll look at you and think, "Really, buddah?" but hang in there, you'll eventually get through to them. 

Random Stuff


Last weekend we were enjoying a family meal at my parent's home and I reverted to my teenage self as a big bowl of my mother's famous chili was set down in front of me. I grab a handful of saltines and crush them mercilessly, filling up the bowl until the soup turns to chili paste, which I begin shoveling into my mouth. 

That's when I notice the table is eerily quiet. 

I look up, head inches from the table, arm around my bowl, and see the entire table looking my way. 

"What?" I shrug. "It's not like I do this all the time," I say. The comfort food is settling satisfyingly into my belly.

Everyone remains quiet.

My lovely daughter speaks up, "Remember when I first brought my boyfriend to dinner with the family? When we met you at the restaurant"

I smile and nod. I like her boyfriend.

"Of course," I say, "that little cajun place. Why?"

"Well, after dinner, he asked, 'Was your dad ever in prison?""

I sit back, dumbfounded, wiping my mouth with my sleeve. "Prison?"


Then it hits me.  

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