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Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week. 

In this issue:

- Techniques for FIT
- Being Human
- Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Ever notice how the interns get so much more done than you think they will? They don't carry the same mental weight as you do. Act like an intern every once in a while to clear the desk. 
  • When considering what fits, be both a pessimist and optimist. Once you pick a direction, execute as if you have no doubt. 
  • Bold managers have bench strength. It limits the downside. 
  • Face-to-Face > Video > Phone > Email > Text

Being Human - A better website

I'm putting the final touches on my updated website and it should make life better for users.

What have I done besides update my photos?

I've added a self-guided FIT assessment. 

Use it to score yourself on how close your sales and marketing practices are to a natural fit. (It's Free!)

The biggest change is the Blog Navigation page:

It has a search function that is easier to use and I've divided the 250 posts/articles into four broad sections focused on the big topics that most visitors need ideas on. 

Plus, there's an expanded Case Studies section and an Ask Greg section that lists the variety of questions that clients and prospective clients ask me. 

Soon I will have a login/registration for clients that provides access to all of my private resources, templates, and guides. I'm still gathering them into one place. 

Initial feedback from clients has been positive. I want it to be a useful resource, so if you have ideas, please share them. 

Random Stuff

Where is my mind?

Have you discovered the joy of dryer balls? 

(dryer ball image)

Our old ones slowly lost their little spikes and it was time to upgrade. Big decision. This time we would try all wool ones. They arrived, six to the package, and we tossed them in to do their work saving energy and time.  

At some point, I noticed that the six were down to five. I looked around the laundry room. None to be found. No worries, it will turn up. 

Weeks later there were four. I looked in the baskets, behind the machines, in the cat bed; nothing. Still not worried, but I made a mental note to remember to check with Laura.

A few weeks after that, I see that we're down to three. Where are these things going? I yell up the stairs, "Does anyone know where the dryer balls are?" 

"I was going to ask the same thing!" came the reply. This is crazy, I thought. Were the pets running off with them? Was the teenage boy playing tricks on the old man? I refuse to be the butt of some joke!

Fast forward another two weeks. I'm changing the laundry and the dryer is filled with my eldest daughter's goods. She must have stopped by to wash. As I gently place her items in a heap on the floor, I notice her jeans are stuffed with two dryer balls. 

"Abby do you have some wool dryer balls in your apartment?" I text. 

"Yes. 3 of them," came the reply.

Mystery solved. 

Later, I overheard Laura talking to Abby about it. "Well, when you're our age, those little mysteries nag at you until they become a big concern. I thought I was losing my mind."

Same here. 

Upcoming Offerings

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May 6, Booklet Release  — Amalgamate: Summer 2016
May 17, CEO Breakfast — Humans In The Boardroom — invite only
Momentum Program Get on the list — worldwide
July 14, Teleseminar: Topic TBA
Very late 2016, Human's Guide Book Release  — (still shopping the proposal)

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