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Another edition of quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week. 

In this issue:

- Techniques for FIT
- Being Human
- Random Stuff
- Article Link

Techniques for FIT

  • Sit on a bench. In a park. For an hour. (You may need to build up to this one.)
  • I just read that by the end of my life, I will have spent the equivalent of 2 days on Facebook. Just as I planned. 
  • When you work on strategic vision and the picture of your idealized future, make sure you account for discretionary time. Overworked isn't a desirable future state. 
  • Do you think anyone looks back on their life and says, "I wish I would have worried more?"

Being Human - A Life, Well-Lived

This week, my wife's grandmother passed away weeks before her 95th birthday. Adelina Escallon Larkin.

Over the years, I'd hear parts of her story and found it fascinating:
Born in Colombia (1920's), sent to Omaha for school (1930's), back to Colombia with Mike Larkin (1940's), back to Omaha with 5 kids (1950's), raising a family (1960's), grandchildren (1970's), widowed (1980's), great-grandchildren (1990's), funerals (2000's), assisted living (2010's). 

On reflection, if I'm lucky enough to make it that long, I could represent my time on earth in this grid:

Each box is roughly a year and as I scribbled it out, some details were too rich to leave off. Smacked by a nun with a ruler in pre-school, my orange Datsun pickup truck, Laura and the kids, writing a bad novel. . . 

The joke around the house as empty-nest approaches is that I'm working on the vision for Greg 3.0. It's not totally clear as to what that means, but I do have a new fly-rod, a backpack, and a truck at the ready, just in case. 

What is clear is that work - the economic engine that will support Greg 3.0 and beyond - isn't driving the vision. It barely touches half of my eight areas of focus:

- emotions (understanding/controlling them)
- brains (keeping them fresh)
- spiritual (belief in a divine purpose)
- financial (having money for stuff)
- physical (maintaining health)
- support system (investing in family, friends)
- relationships/role models (accessing experience)
- understanding the hidden rules (navigating my groups)

And time spent working is probably not what I'll be thinking about when those final breaths are taken. 

Rest in peace, Grandma Lina. 

Random Stuff


I may or may not have a little bit of an Amazon Prime problem. One click and one or two days away from, well, anything. Dog chews, five pound bags of organic quinoa, a library of used books . . . various car parts. 

Click, pause, ding-dong goes the doorbell, look! Box for me!

I don't even think about it anymore. 

Every once in a while, I pick the cheapest offer even though it's not Prime and I don't take notice of where it ships from. Or how long it might take to get here. Like the car key blank for that old Honda I bought for the kids. 

I remember thinking, "I needed one of those," last week when the first one was delivered. 

I may remember thinking, "Did I ever order one of those?" when the second one showed up a few days later. 

But I definitely don't remember ordering the mangled package with the passport stamps that showed up yesterday. 

Hmm. Time to take a little break from the internet. 


Article Published


Need to get started with Google Adwords or other pay-per-click campaign? This article that I wrote for Strictly Marketing Magazine gives you 5 tips get started. 

5 Tips for Starting a Google Adwords Campaign by Greg Chambers

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