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Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week.

It's time for my weekly, week-end primer with concise advice you can put it use. . .next week.

BTW - thanks for the nice words about this newsletter. It's, by far, the best read mailing I've put out to date! 

In this issue:

- Techniques for FIT
- Being Human
- Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Coaches coach, players play. Great coaches understand the individuals on their team and act accordingly.
  • But it comes to great players, the best coaches get out of the way. Like Krzyzewski said when asked about the power of the Triangle offense: "The triangle didn't win crap! Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant!" 
  • Speaking of superstars, if you're working on improving your selling skills, don't say "I hate scripts." DiNiro and Streep use scripts. You just hate poorly delivered scripts. 
  • A big FIT attitude is this: "I can do anything. But I need to do it in a way I can live with. In a way that fits my nature. Fits who I am."

Being Human - 1500 Words

When my oldest went to teach English in Spain for a year, I remembered seeing something that might help her from my travels around the internets, It was a post from some guru that basically said, learn a language, any language by focusing on 1500 words. 

Nothing is that simple, but the principle that it's based on is sound. When I work with companies on designing sales and marketing practices that fit, we use the same idea: most of our communication in sales is repetitive. 

What has happened, will happen. 

The last one hundred times your people made calls to get in front of prospects, they didn't hear one hundred different responses. It was probably less than twelve. 

A small set of responses that can be prepared for. Memorized. Just like the 1500 words to start effectively communicating in a foreign language. 

No Excetions

And just like mastering a foreign language requires a vocabulary of between six to eight thousand words along with knowing the hidden rules of the culture, if your people are going to master your particular business development, they need to have that base. 

So let's get the first 1500 down. If you know what I mean. 


Random Stuff

What teleseminar?

I'm having my first in a series of free teleseminars this month.

Predictable Growth in Unpredictable Times: Case Study

30-45 minutes on two case studies focusing on the steps required to produce consistent business results regardless of economic conditions. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, small business or on your own, you will learn via two case studies what works and what doesn’t when preparing your path for growth. 

I expect the benefits to include the following improved results and outcomes:
  • Understand the Big 3 avenues for growth
  • Use the power of solutions that fit to get more done in less time
  • Avoid what you can avoid by taking preventative actions
  • Prepare for real life with simple, flexible plans
  • Unlock the power of your customer base
  • Create x ray vision by working earlier in the buyer’s decision process
  • Multiply your team’s power through repetition and laser like focus
  • Never wonder where you are by using third parties
  • Enjoy the journey as much as the destination
This seminar will include a 30 day period of questions to my email address, to be answered within 24 hours. Use this to get questions answered, challenge my thoughts or simply to debrief after rolling these concepts out in your organization. 

The event is on the 16th, right before I head up to Chicago for a few days. It will be at 11am Central time and you can dial in for a listen. 

access code 129-046

If you haven't received the invite or outline, let me know by replying to this note.

Upcoming Offerings

February 16, Teleseminar: "Predictable Growth in Unpredictable Times: Case Study" — dial in event, details above
March 29, CEO Breakfast (invitation only) — Omaha, NE
April 12, Teleseminar: "Expanding Existing Business: Case Study" — dial in event, watch for details
Momentum Program 2 Openings — worldwide
Late 2016, Human's Guide Book Release  — (planning ahead)
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