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Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week. 

In this issue:

- Techniques for FIT
- Being Human
- Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • You're happiest with your work when you feel you have the power to reach outcomes. It's part of FIT. Use that lens when thinking about your people. 
  • People won't remember what you say as much as they will remember how you're making them feel when you're saying it. 
  • It's easier to change going forward than it is to understand why you are the way you are. Say you're sorry and change. 
  • Say thank you to everyone. And mean it. 

Being Human - Terminal language

How closely do you monitor your self-talk?

There are words we use in self-talk that open our minds and words that shut it down. It's the latter that I want to bring to your attention because self-talk is a human endeavor. (I like to imagine Wilson the Amazing Border Collie engages in self-talk, but I doubt it's happening)

Our brains are amazing things. Always on, always recording, always processing. And the voice it hears the most? Our own. 

Knowing that, we should be careful what we put into it. For instance, if I am always telling people, "I'm terrible at remembering names," my brain hears that. Registers it. Then spends little to no energy remembering names. 

I heard this twice this week and both times it was in reference to young associates.

"Ted doesn't want to put in the effort," she said. "I explain that if he's going to make partner, it's going to take more hours than he's putting in. It's not going to be given to him. These Millennials  just don't get it. It's an issue."

"What did he say when you told him that?" I asked

"He said he wanted to be partner and would do what it takes. What else was he going to say? He doesn't get it."

I wrote in my notes, 'Ted = XXX' because he's a goner. Not only has his boss put all the responsibility for Ted's improvement on him, but he's been labeled as part of a group that doesn't 'get it.'

Her brain hears two things in her statements. First, it hears that Ted doesn't work hard (brain thinks: "nothing for me to do there") and it hears that Ted won't change (brain thinks: "label = entitled.") It registers it, records it, and finds new instances of it.

What her brain doesn't do is come up with ways to help Ted. It hears words that shut it down, and it moves on to other issues. 

So, monitor what you say around your brain. Ted is counting on you. 


Random Stuff


I was quoted in this article for Frandsen Bank & Trust on small business owners work/life balance. 

Achieving Work/Life Balanace as a Small Business Owner

I have a friend looking for an addition to his marketing staff:
- graphic design knowledge (photoshop, light html, email layout)
- good writing skills
- some direct marketing experience (direct mail, landing page design, A/B testing)

It's an entry level position but it's a small company, so there is a lot of experience to be gained. The last person in the role has been recruited to a larger marketing firm based on her work there. 

If you have someone in mind, send me a note. 

Upcoming Offerings

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July 14, Teleseminar: Topic TBA
Very late 2016, Human's Guide Book Release  — (still shopping the proposal)

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