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Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week. 

In this issue:  

- Techniques for FIT
- Being Human
- Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • To make sure you have strategic fit, and execute on that fit, you have to be both a pessimist and an optimist.
  • Decide based on a realistic assessment of your own weaknesses and the possibility for failure. 
  • Once you commit to a decision, flip the switch and execute as if you never had a doubt. 
  • Or, as I've said. Making good decisions isn't hard. First make a decision. Then make it right. 

Being Human - Do something

Not making a choice, is a choice

This quote for you to ponder this weekend. 

"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth, not going all the way, and not starting."

Attributed to Buddha

Random Stuff

Your cat is fat

We have a cat inherited from the neighbor before he moved away. I wasn't there for the conversation, but my wife is a total animal lover. Goes over the top for them. So, in my mind it went down something like this.

Neighbor: We're moving.
Wife: Yes. We'll take your cat. 

I'm sure there was something more to it, but the net result is that we went from one kind furry thing to one kind furry thing plus a mean furry thing. Ajax is his name and he's an outdoor cat. The first day we had him I said, "Where's Ajax?" and before the kids could answer he came trotting by with a bluejay in his mouth. 

Like I said, he's mean. 

Being an outdoor cat, he will occasionally disappear. For a day or two. Showing up on the doorstep like nothing happened, looking skinny and ragged, then sleeping like the dead for two days. We started calling him Driftwood. 

Lately, he has been disappearing for up to a week, and when he comes back, he's fat. He still acts nonchalant and sleeps it off, but something's amiss. 

The mystery was solved by my neighbor. She saw a man walking a dog with a little fat gray cat following behind and asked if that cat was his. He said, "No. He just follows us sometimes. My wife feeds him and keeps him in the mudroom when it's cold and then he disappears for a while."

The neighbor laughs and tells him we are the cat's owners. 

I tell my wife the story and immediately wonder if this is our chance to get rid of him. My wife is deep in thought. "Are you wondering if he's as mean to them as he is to us?" I ask. 

"No. I just hate that one of the neighbors thinks we're bad pet owners."

I guess he's staying.

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2017, Anyone Can Sell Anything Book Release  — This may be aggressive. It really depends on the publisher. 

March 7, 2017 CEO Breakfast — The topic has changed to Talent: Getting, Developing and Keeping it

March 23, 2017 Teleseminar: "Making Complex Lead Generation Simple" — registration to come.

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