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Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week. 

The saying "yes" issue:

- Techniques for FIT
- Being Human
- Random Stuff
- Find More Prospects For Less

Techniques for FIT

  • Stick to your scheduled commitments. It's okay to say no to new requests.
  • On that note, when you're in the habit of keeping all commitments, you think twice before saying yes.
  • Say yes to requests because you want to help, not because you're paying up for prior requests. Your results will reflect your intent.  
  • Saying yes advocates say it leads to a richer and fuller life. Saying no advocates say it allows you to get things done. After China, I can say, "Hmm, this whole discussion is very Daoist."

Being Human - Who are you listening to?

This week was highlighted by a particular type of experience. 

Experiences where I found myself thinking, "Who are we listening to?" 

Specifically, there were issues with website function, questions on branding effectiveness, comments on how to properly document expense receipts, and Cormac McCarthy's book, The Road.

Part of being human is the tendency to internalize and interpret experiences through our personal lens. When something is working or not working, we think in terms of "what's the best way to fix this?" loosely translated to, "what can I do right now that will make this better, according to me?" 

Part of being human is the ability to pause. If there is a loud noise, my cat is gone, hiding under the bed. His life is stimulus/response. Humans can add the pause in there, stimulus/pause, then response. 

Before taking action, pause and consider who you're listening to. 

Websites need comments from users along with uninterrupted observation of customers on the site to improve function. 
Branding is a uniform representation of quality, so focus on delivering that to improve brand effectiveness. 
Bureaucrats have no power over output, so they focus on controlling input. Note it, properly expense receipts, and move on. 
In McCarthy's book, The Road, the father fights to protect his son while the boy constantly wonders what others are thinking and doing. The father can't find good people, the son does. 

I'm taking it all as a reminder to pause and ask myself, who am I listening to? And who should I be listening to?

Random Stuff

I added up the photos and videos I took in China. 

943. Just short of 1000. 

That may seem excessive but I take the Grateful Dead approach to photos. Put a lot of stuff out and some classics are bound to emerge.

I've started to sort through the mess, looking for "classics," and my GD theory is under strain. Mostly because of gems like this:

terra cotta warrior tourists were everywhere

What can I say? It was crowded. 

Find More Prospects for Less

FIT for Lead Generation is on the schedule. 

It's going to take place November 17-18 and it's getting some buzz.

Attendees will walk away with plans for immediate action to take that will increase their company's leads, plus they'll be armed with strategies for dramatically lowering costs. I'm convinced the event will pay for itself immediately. 

As a subscriber, you'll get a special offer and an opportunity for the person you send to have a special dinner with me.

More to come. 

Upcoming Offerings

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November 17-18, Workshop: "FIT for Lead Generation" - Registration opens in October
Very late 2016 to early 2017, Human's Guide Book Release  — (shopping the proposal)

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