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Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week.

Friday! It's time for my weekly, week-end primer with concise advice you can put to use. . .next week.

In this issue:

- Techniques for FIT
- Being Human
- Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Get curious. In Brain Grazer's book, "A Curious Mind" he outlines his curiosity conversations. Hour long visits with interesting people. No agenda, just curiosity. Try it. 
  • The universe is expanding, not compressing. Since you're reading this, you're probably not fighting someone for the last bag of rice on the block. So think bigger. This isn't a zero sum game. 
  • You only have 100% of your time, talent, and treasure to give. Feeling productive depends on the percentage you spend on outcomes. Don't get lost in outputs. 
  • Strategy shouldn't derive from the present because progress will only be incremental. Start with a fresh view of the future.  

Being Human - Know your audience

I had the privilege of speaking to a group of college students about networking. They were bright and eager and full of questions. 

While describing a topic I went with an old trope from my sales training days, "Make sure you're tuned into WII-FM. You know, like a radio station but it stands for What's In It for Me? which in the end, is everyone's favorite radio station." 

Some of those eager faces were looking at me with blank stares. "I know it's lame," I said, "you all probably don't even listen to the radio anymore." And I moved on. 

You may think that my point it going to be that I should have come up with something beyond the radio station, but that would be too easy. The professor came up to me after and said, "I was going to ask them about the radio station acronym," and I thought, dang! Then she added, "because quite a few of the students are from overseas and I wonder if they have call letters for their stations like we do?"

Know the audience.  

Random Stuff

Anxious much?

I work from a home office and spend a lot of time on the phone. My office mate is the ever alert Wilson the Amazing Border Collie. The more time we spend together, the more I notice that he channels my every mood. Not only does he channel it, but somehow converts it to manic energy. 

If I laugh too loud, he growls and death shakes a toy. If I yell at sports on TV, he barks at the window. If I'm engaged in a thriller, he patrols, unable to figure out exactly what has me so worked up. 

Presentation calls are the worst. I get nervous, and when I have to use the office phone, Wilson's a mess. Barking, yelping, banging on the door. So, for my last call I did a pre-emptive strike and kenneled him. I silenced all ringers. I even put a note on the door in case the UPS person felt like banging and ringing all morning. 

The result? Forty minutes of high pitched whining.

Good dog. 

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