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Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week. 

In this issue:

- Techniques for FIT
- Being Human
- Random Stuff
- Mini-mini Workshop Offer

Techniques for FIT

  • Is your buyer able to prioritize a budget, or are they limited to implementing what they've been allocated? Partner with prioritizers.
  • Buyers really don't care about how you do things. They care about what results they're getting. Talk about results.
  • Do your customer service people give options when solving problems? They should.
  • When asked for a quote, avoid talking about the "how," (options) until you have agreement on the "what," (outcomes). 

Being Human - Value

Products and services have no value. Value comes from the problems solved or results achieved. 

The concept of value is heavy on my mind as my daughter is thinking of studying at one of the famous auction houses in NYC. As in, what makes a painting worth $10MM? More to the point, where exactly does value come from?

Mahan Khalsa taught me that a product has no built-in value. A product's value comes from the problem it solves that someone cares about. 

Think about how Shakespeare put it in Richard the Third:

King Richard: A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!

Teach your people to look for value. The next time they come to you with a request to reduce price, recognize that it's an indication of a mis-match between the value your company put on the product and the value to the people looking for a solution. Talk about it until your people start asking, "Mr. Prospect, what is this product going to solve? Why is that important to you and your company?"


Random Stuff

Quoted and Published

I have a few more quotes and articles that have been published in the last few months. 

If you have a minute, click and view and share them because the online activity makes me look good! (although it may be easier to get clicks if I make the title, "Pope Endorses Value Based Pricing!")

Accounting Today published an article 11/2016: "The Power of Options in Value Based Pricing" on using contrasting choices when presenting new projects.

Quoted on iMeetCentral 11/2016: "How data is driving the future of marketing" on the steps to take in moving to data informed marketing.

Quoted in GoodCall 11/2016: Unusual Jobs Held By US Presidents Show Success Traits on passion.

Quoted in Newsmax Finance 10/2016 - 5 Tips for Building a Billion Dollar Business on utilizing your employee's self-identified strengths

Mini-mini Workshop Sale

I am going to limit travel while I finish up this book. As a result, I am going to offer you, dear reader, something of value in exchange for your support of a good cause.

If you've ever thought:
- I want my people to communicate better
- I want to enhance customer satisfaction
- I want to get closer to customers, etc.
You may like what I'm about to offer. 

A Mini-mini workshop
Until year end, I'm offering a Mini-mini, super-kick-ass, highly participative, small group workshop for your company on a FIT topic you choose. Just like my full-day workshops, it will utilize pragmatic business concepts that attendees can immediately apply to their actual day-to-day jobs. You bring me the outcome you want, and I'll design the workshop.

For instance, you might say, "Greg, I want my people to communicate better." Or, "G, I want my team to be more excited about our future." Or, "Hey, I want my sales reps to close more."

You name it, agree to a date before year end, and I'll work something up. 

If you have not been to one of my workshops, you're in for a surprise. If you've been in a workshop with me, this will be a short, focused version of that experience. 

Sounds great. How much? 

Normally, I charge $10,000 for a half-day with me for a speech and workshop. This is going to be shorter in duration, happen locally, and I can use the content for my upcoming book, so here's the deal.

If you're in Omaha, donate $500 to the Sienna Francis House and let's set a Mini-mini Workshop up. If you're not sure what the Siena Francis House is, click this link

If you're not in Omaha, let's talk because if you're willing to support the Siena Francis House Homeless Shelter, I'll trade services to make that work. 

I've never done this before. I plan to do it through December. Contact me for details. 

Upcoming Offerings

Booklet  — Amalgamate: Winter 2016  it's in the works. Expect it in your mailbox in December.
Momentum Program: 4 openings — worldwide
December 13, Teleseminar: "Getting More from Automation Tools like Hubspot, Infusionsoft, and Ontraport" — registration link coming (send an email if you want on the list now)
2017, Everybody Sells Book Release  — (I have an agent, so this is happening, you can add your name to the list of interested peoples)
January 2017 Teleseminar: Topic TBA —
February 2017 CEO Breakfast — Details in the coming weeks

Bring me in to shake up your team: Keynotes/Workshops/Seminars

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