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MEDirections Annual Conference 

Exiting War Economy Dynamics:
What Future for Stabilisation and Reconstruction in the MENA?

19-20 November 2018, Florence (Italy)

in collaboration with the School of Transnational Governance

 In addition to the well-known security dimension, years of military strife and state collapse in the Middle East and North Africa have created new economic realities on the ground that are likely to persist in post-conflict phases. They will shape how ongoing conflicts are to end and how “normal life” might resume afterwards. The conference will explore how to work through war economy dynamics in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and neighbouring countries, and it will be structured in four thematic panels:

1. The dynamics of war economy, the realities that have been left on the ground, and the actual rules that govern economic transactions and the access to natural resources and infrastructure;

2. The political economy of reconstruction and how it may create losers and winners, and hence either contribute to peace building or to the creation of new grievances;

3. The impact of hydrocarbon revenues in oil-rich countries like Iraq and Libya, and whether they will ease reconstruction and reconciliation or conversely become an additional bone of contention between rival groups;

4. The role that market-oriented and profit-driven private sector actors might play in any future reconstruction (considering also the unlikelihood of massive inter-governmental inflows). 

To conclude the conference, a roundtable of a selected group of international experts from the worlds of academics, practice and mass media will flesh out the main points highlighted during the four panels. The objective of this debate is to encourage connections, comparisons and other perspectives.

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   Who Are We?
The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) at the European University Institute (EUI) established the MIDDLE EAST DIRECTIONS (MEDirections) Programme in 2016. 
MEDirections is a continuation of the Mediterranean Programme, which was launched in 1999. The Mediterranean Programme put the EUI at the forefront of the Euro-Mediterranean research dialogue between 1999 and 2013, and MEDirections aspires to build on this reputation to become an international reference point for research on the Middle East and North Africa Region. Its themes encompass socio-political, economic and religious trends and transformations.
The programme's director is Luigi Narbone, working with the programme’s Senior Scientific Advisor, Olivier Roy. Its research team is a multidisciplinary pool of researchers with diversified backgrounds, and a vast network of contacts in the countries covered, all with extensive fieldwork experience. 
To learn more about MEDirections, visit our website:

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