Help us ask City Council to postpone any vote amending the current height restrictions in the Downtown Commercial District.
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Preservation Matters
Preservation Alert - February 2014

Dear Friends of Preservation,
The Historic Fredericksburg Foundation, Inc has created an online petition asking Mayor Greenlaw and Members of Council to please postpone their vote on the proposed Downtown Commercial District zoning amendments until further study can be conducted. 
Among the proposed zoning amendments is a particularly troubling provision allowing the city’s current 50-foot height restriction to be measured from floodplain levels rather than existing grade for new construction along the west side of Sophia Street.  As a result, the permissible height of future buildings could increase an additional 7 – 13 feet by right rather than by special exception permit.
Please sign HFFI’s petition to send a clear message to the Fredericksburg City Council that we do not need taller buildings on Sophia Street and that we must preserve the integrity of our Historic Downtown.

Please feel free to share this email with anyone you think is concerned about preserving Fredericksburg's Historic Downtown.


Click here to sign HFFI's petition to City Council
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Additional information for your consideration:
The cumulative visual impact of multiple 50-plus foot buildings along that corridor could have irreversible consequences for both the riverfront and the entire downtown district.  A thorough analysis and understanding of that potential impact, using modeling and visualization tools, is needed before such zoning changes are considered.
The distinctive historic character of our downtown district is a fundamental part of what draws people to this city—residents, tourists, and investors alike.  It is also a key element in maintaining a healthy and sustainable economy.  The proposed amendments to the zoning could have unintended and far-reaching implications for the future of our downtown historic district.
Please encourage Fredericksburg’s City Council to not push these changes through the voting process without careful consideration and the necessary materials to make an informed decision.
If you would like to speak on this issue at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, February 11, 2014, please contact the city. 
Use this link for more information:
See the City Memorandum about the proposed zoning amendments here:
See the full agenda from City Council’s most recent meeting (Jan. 28th) agenda here:

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How You Can Help…
As Friends of Preservation, if you have thoughts or views about the applications referenced above or any other local preservation matters, then we encourage you to come out and make your voice heard as well as signing this petition.
This topic will be discussed at the February 11th City Council Meeting – 7:30pm (Council Chambers, City Hall)

If you have questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact HFFI (; (540) 371-4504).
Public Comment Guidelines:
City Council Public Comment Guidelines: Time is reserved at the beginning of each regular meeting for the City Council to receive comments from persons who have requested permission to speak.  To do so, call the Clerk of Council at 540-372-1010.
NOTE: When speaking before Council or the City’s other Boards and Commissions, please respect the following guidelines:
Clearly state your name and address.
Take no more than five (5) minutes (brevity is appreciated).
Confine your comments to City business.
Personal attacks on Councilmembers or others will not be tolerated.
Every month, in City Council Chambers, decisions are being made with important implications for the future of our historic community and the Downtown District.  The Historic Fredericksburg Foundation, Inc. monitors and responds to key local preservation issues and would like to share this important local preservation information with you.
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