It took a long time, it took a long time, it took a long time.
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I've been willing to talk about Soulwax since the beginning of this Newsletter because, well SOULWAX. If you don't know what I mean, you'll understand after I finish this series of Newsletters about them.

And the Universe finally gave me a reason to talk about it ! Yay, thank you the Universe ! They FINALLY after 11 years since their last proper album, they released a new track. Transient program for drums and machinery.

But first, what is Soulwax ?

Soulwax is a Belgian band that started producing music in the 90's. First Pop Rock, then many things. The band is composed of Dave and Steph Dewaele at the center and Stefaan Van Leuven plus an ever changing line-up of drummers. (they currently have 3.Playing simultaneously.)

Their first 2 releases are good Pop-rock albums the third one infused a bit of electronic in the formula. They then broke the formula when they completely remixed that last album for the Nite Versions album. But after that, nothing. I'm lying, they did a lot since, but let's start slowly.

Nite versions is one of my classic albums, a taste making album. The kind of albums you give to rockers that say electronic music is boring. It's basically a rock band that threw away their guitars to redo their songs with synth for club use. They did it with success. Here is a before and after

You know the mid to late 2000s Hard Electro wave, from JusticeThe Bloody BeetrootsCrookersEd Bangers and such ? The movement that predated and fed the big EDM rise from the last few years ? It all started with 2 albums. Daft Punk's Human After All and Soulwax's Nite Versions. Justice's super strong kick was even stolen from a Soulwax song. You can actually find a Daft punk reference in Nite Versions but it goes back to the Homework era song Teachers. It's naming all of Soulwax references in music. A cover of the original, kind of. you'll find a lot more rock bands in Soulwax's Teachers tho

At the same time they put this album out they remixed a lot of their contemporary artists, they are all united in the "most of the remixes…" compilation. They broke the record for longest title for an album with this one. Check the cover.

Now do some home work and listen to Soulwax.

You'll need it for the next weeks as we're going to dig deeper.

If you want
good pop-rock try

Much Against Everyone's Advice

If you feel
adventurous go for

Any Minute Now

If you want to dance
to acid techno beats

Nite Versions
And now 10 years after, they come back with a new song. A continuation of the style they developed with their remixes in the last few years.
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